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My Horrorfind Weekend. Picture Overload (NVGR)

This last weekend a friend and I took a trip to the University of Maryland to see the Horrorfind Weekend Convention. Basically what it was, was a convention with a whole bunch of classic horror movie memorabilia and celebrities from classic horror movies.

The convention wasn’t really big or anything but it did have a group of celebrities that I had seen in movies, and I am a big horror movie fan so I thought it would be fun to go.

Among the celebrities in attendance were:

George Romero – Director of Night of the Living Dead and Creepshow
PJ Soles – Actress from Halloween, Carrie and The Devils Rejects
Cerina Vincent – Cabin Fever and Not Another Teen Movie
Tony Todd – Candyman and Final Destination

After my friend and I arrive we first visit the memorabilia room. This was full of movie props like a dead baby fetus used in a horror movie. There were also a lot of action figures and collectibles. The weird thing was that there was an abundance of indie horror porn for sale too, like cheesy porn movies masked with a horror theme, which I found quite hilarious.

After that we visited the theater where they were showing another indie horror movie produced by two guys who had won some sort of film festival award. We didn’t get to watch much since the celebrity rooms were gonna close at a certain time so we headed there to rub elbows with the stars haha.

The first person I went to see, who also had the longest line and a whole room to himself was George Romero. While we were waiting in line George got up and took a quick bathroom break, and while he was gone I said probably the lamest joke I have ever uttered “I guess he had to drop the zombies off at the pool”, but it made the whole line roar in laughter. Go figure. There was this one guy at the front of the line, who to me seemed like the last person in the world who would have a headshot of himself for promotional purposes, yet while he was talking to George he pulled one out with his resume printed on the back and gave it to him and promoted his website as well. It was pretty funny.

Anyways, I finally get up and get my autograph. George Romero is freaking tall. Ok I’m 6’2 and he was taller than me, to give you an idea. But he was very nice and really conversational. Seemed like a really good guy.

After than we went to the other main celebrity room to get the other autographs that I had come to get.

First was Cerina Vincent. In a word... HOT. My friend couldn’t even come close to her table in fear of being caught drooling or starring at her chest. She also seemed very cool and very grounded. I even learned that she used to be a Power Ranger during the seasons where they were in space or something.

The next stop was to see PJ Soles. PJ was probably the coolest of all the celebrities there. She has been doing horror for a long time, from Halloween to Carrie and even a small part in The Devils Rejects. She was so cool she even signed my DVD I brought three different places. After we left the celebrity rooms and they closed she even walked around with my friend and I and checked out the other rooms. Very cool experience.

My last stop on the way out was at the ticket counter where they were selling autographed pictures of celebrities from conventions the years past. The one I really wanted to get was the one of Felissa Rose Esposito.

For those of you who don’t know who that is, she was the one who played the young version of Angela in Sleepaway Camp.

For those of you who do know what I am talking about, the below image still gives you the jibblies.

Interesting fact for Sleepaway Camp fans, if you look at Felissa’a IMDB page you will see that she is currently working on a NEW Sleepaway Camp movie. Fuck Yeah!!

All in all I had a blast and got some cool collectibles/autographs to go with it.

There is another weekend coming up in Baltimore on Aug 10th.
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