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About SonnyDone of us since 9:01 PM on 07.27.2009

My name Moises,just call me by my nickname Sonny lol,and I just started blogging on this site since July of 2009.I quite like having discussions about video games.I want to some day just review games as they are not console based crap these days.I couldn't care if Gears is on 360,I love it.I couldn't care if Killzone 2 is on PS3,I love it.As for multiplatform games,I'll get them on the PS3.Only if the 360 looks waaaaaaaay better,which hasn't happened since 07'.I 'm cheap mostly about online play,I won't pay sometimes to play online.There's no point in paying for online play,when I can get it free of charge.

Expanding on my dreams,I wish to write about the games I play or review them.I loved games since my first console(Dreamcast).The only problem that is holding me back of my dreams is spelling errors and my vocabulary.Lol and I passed high school to heh heh.I'm currently working on my vocab and my spelling to help bring me closer to my dreams.

If you want to find me on PSN the name you should type is SonnyD.