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Um, I play video games. I also wear clothing, and on occasion eat and/or drink. I currently have a bed to sleep in, though couches have proved perfectly satisfactory for that need in the past. I'm sure there are facets of my personality that I'm missing here, but I'm not really sure what needs to be advertised about me, and I'm not so vain as to declare myself the awesome-poop at the vidja games, given that I kinda suck at them in any situation I have to play against other people and don't have ready access to a "restart level" button until I figure out how the area works. I play games primarily on the PS3, which is a statement of fact and not an undying allegiance, since the whole system wars thing is just an obnoxious waste of time. If I had the cash I'd own every system. Okay, that's a lie, cus I've already preordered the collector's edition of Skyrim, Arkham City, and AssCreedRev which would equal a 3DS if that system weren't due for a redesign by the time I get done with all the games coming out this winter/spring, and kickass statuettes are way better than equipment that I'd kick myself for owning early. So, yeah, games, huh? Cool stuff.