NE: I played Overcooked 2, and it was rad

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I did a game improvement post earlier this month, so rather than do something similar with another game, how about I finish up the post I was writing for last week? Cool? Cool. Not cool? This is Improvement: Every Game Set in New York. Hey...


What I Want in 2012: Prototype 2

Prototype was aptly named. It had the bones of a really proper superhero sandbox game, but it was missing the touches that could have fleshed it out into something spectacular. The damned thing just came together a little too rarely, and ye...


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I'm a video game Quality Assurance Tester by profession and generally critical thinker by inclination. I've tested at Atari, Toys For Bob, Leapfrog, Intific Inc (formerly Total Immersion Software), and Zynga. When playing for fun I lean towards strategy, FPS, and third-person adventure games. 2nd Gen lifelong gamer; my parents took me to my first gaming convention when I was just a month old, and it never really stopped. Saw the Rogue Trader BRB when I was twelve and was instantly jump-started into heavy metal puberty. Result: permanent 40K fanboy.

I was there when this went down. It's all true, except it actually happened in Fall, not Spring.

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2011 - Space Marine
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2008 - Far Cry 2
2007 - Team Fortress 2 (yes, over Portal)
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2005 - Resident Evil 4
2004 - Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
2003 - Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
2002 - Meh
2001 - Grand Theft Auto III