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Last Game I played: Red Dead Redemption

The video explains itself. Criticism regarding multiplayer and storyline of red dead. You can play timesnail here: http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/games/timesnail Also, I probably should have mentioned Shadow of the Colossus when I gave...


How to make achievements/trophy bullshit work

To state the obvious: Achievements only serve to pad out a game and show how the design of a game doesn't respect the player's time. All "achievement hunters/whores" should use their time to do something meaningful, like enlisting as fron...


Thank you lord, hitman 5 voice actor

Holy shit, the 6 people who still care about hitman 5 just shat golden bricks. David Bateson will do the voice of Agent 47 in hitman 5 again, FUCK YES! Yes, for fans of a franchise that seems to give us sequels less than every 4 years th...


Art Game Nation ep1 - Passage

Art Game Nation on Passage Download Passage here: http://hcsoftware.sourceforge.net/passage/ Full GDX video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Sc6b0EeEFU&feature=related http://somethinggerman.blogspot.com/ Anthony Burch is probably nev...


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