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Sex: Application of Super Hexagon


Disclaimer: the writer is male.

Super Hexagon, assuming you like it, could be considered a sort of essence of what skill-based video games are meant to be. The music is catchy and rhythmic, the colors are bright and simple, the challenge is ridiculous, but most importantly the true way to win is to find a sort of nirvana where you don't even think about what you are doing, you simply find a way to read what will happen in the next line before it happens. It is at the same time an empowerment fantasy of every second more you achieve making you somehow greater than others who have failed, and a brutal reality that you could be doing so much better. In this way, it holds all the feelings that sex in video games could apply themselves towards.

Actually consider this with me for a moment. From the male point of view, how many people do you think actually last more than a couple seconds their first time? Am I talking about Super hexagon or sex? Eh? Eh? If you have had the chance, take a moment to think what your first, second, nth time having sex/playing super hexagon was like was like. Hopefully, every time, in a way, felt like victory, and even when it didn't necessarily feel like that, there is the addictive feeling, the wait knowing that soon enough, or not soon enough, you'll hear that voice, saying “Again”(I always heard it as “Again”. I know its suppose to be “Begin” but I hear it as “Again”).

Awe yeah. Uh. That is SO hot

Now what if one could apply the principles that make Super Hexagon, which is at the very least a critical success, to the portrayal of sex in video games? What if we got rid of the silly button prompt with table shake from God of War? What if a video game involving sex could involve not just fap material, but a metaphor for the emotional experience of sexual life through design? Not only that, but also mirror what Super Hexagon was designed to give the player, an almost out of body experience of turning mazes that require a sort of zen mode, a perfect rhythm to satisfy it while the game through forcing you into that zen state satisfies you. What if video game sex could give you that same experience? Without any of that Bayonetta bullshit of one handed controls.

The suggestion is that interactive porn not necessarily be equated with a sex in video games.

Suppose for example, that we had a hentai dating sim. But in this one, the end goal is not just a sex scene. The sex is only the beginning. What if we took out the “just sit back and fap” element of that scene, and put the player to actually having to work as the character. Maybe not Super Hexagon “Die every 5 seconds” kind of work, but let a game actually put stress on a player to perform well. Give the mechanics enough charm that they hook a player in, making the action at once simple and complicated. Like Super Hexagon, take the dual approach, of yes, you get the sex, but if you got a bit better, found the rhythm a little bit more, then the reward would be so much better. Reward the player with every inch of skin they get, but make them work before they are called anything like sex gods.

Like this. But you know, with like, tits and stuff

I'm not saying this would sell. I think we all know this would not sell. But as a hypothetical, perhaps its an interesting idea. Take the elements of what I'm willing to call a critical success, and transfer them to something, that at its current state, is usually none-game at best.

Have I been hitting the Super Hexagon too hard? Do I really need to rethink what I'm doing in bed? Did I totally hit the nail on the head? Am I offending someone somehow? Is there some game out there where all this is totally true? Is all this stuff totally obvious to the point that it went without saying? Do you just not get Super Hexagon?Maybe you're not really that into it, but agree that the soundtrack is awesome(possibly love-making worthy)?The comment box, as you know, is below.
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