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About SoloSnakeone of us since 10:25 AM on 06.01.2011

I actually got into gaming at the age of 5 when I played metal slug 3 at the arcade (got my ass kicked and poor daddy got a hole in his wallet).

I got a playstation back in 1998.My favorites are:

-Herc's Adventures by Lucas Arts

Yeah it may seem overly cheesy but it's part of the charm.And it is a very primitive form of open world gaming.

-Metal Gear Solid

My english wasn't that good back then and even though I beat the game I didn't really understand the story until I replayed it later (I can confidently say I have beat it 20 times on normal)

-Metal Gear Solid 3

In my opinion it is the best Metal Gear Solid title to date.Story,Graphics and Gameplay mechanics.

Currently I am playing Mortal Kombat,The Witcher 2 and am looking forward to buying Infamous 2!

Non gaming wise I am a student in high school.I like cycling,swimming and hanging out with friends.

I also like the Arts (yes art too but I mean Literature,Poetry,Video Games,Drama,Movies etc)