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Feel the Hatred: Fallout 3

Caution: here there be SPOILERS concerning the original games in the Fallout series
Blogger's Note: Repost of the original story due to date issues

1950's classic Rockabilly gangs, living it up inside Vault 101. Guess the Vaults didn't have any more movies besides 50s stuff, and the bullies decided to emulate James Dean and friends. Probably the only decent looking screenshot I could find of the game, actually.

Final Thoughts:
I appreciate that because of all this buzz lots of people are experiencing the first games, and loving them. I welcome gladly all these new Fallout fans. It really is the best of this whole situation, the old games are getting some more attention, and they sure deserve it.

I'd like to thank No Mutants Allowed and Duck and Cover for most of the images and the Fallout wiki for being the best source of information concerning the series.

I hate you Fallout 3.
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