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Happy Birthday Destructoid

It's been 4 years since the start of the great site. I check it everyday for the latest gaming news. If Kotaku is the women's gossip magazine of Gaming, Destructoid is definitely the Maxmen or Playboy. I've been here since the very start, a...


Activision's shenanigans

After killing The Silver Living and apparently getting into a quarrel with the top heads of Inifnity Ward, the peons who fetch the money from Activision's infinite golden COD mine, I've received another GoG notification about how this is Ac...



Ok folks, last time I blogged Yakuza 3 on the West was just a mirage, and now it's real. Also, I've arrived to some new conclusions: On the PC: I NO LONGER HATE BETHESDA. Giving Obsidian the chance to make Fallout: New Vegas was a good mo...


Art of the Game Box

Throughout the years since I first started gaming I witnessed, as many of you, the evolution of the game box. My first games were Spectrum games, so the boxes were simply regular tape boxes with great covers, that most of the time didn't ...


Assassin's Creed 2: Venice

In the latest Game Informer all previously leaked information from Ass' Creed 2 was confirmed. The game takes place in Venice, therefore expect some kick ass buildings to climb and jump around, such as St Mark's Basilica. This holy place ...


A Home for the Yakuza

RYU GA GOTOKU 3 Anyone that's been following Yakuza news knows that Yakuza 3 is going to be released in Japan on February 26, with currently no plans to bring it or the samurai spin-off, Kenzan!, to the West. This needs to change! After ...


One of the Best PSN Days...

First off: YAKUZA 3 DEMO (Japanese obviously) Download that shit mother fuckers ITS FUCKING AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! I've played it and it's really awesome, sure I don't understand ZIP of what they're saying, but the combat system from Yakuza 1...


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