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Solar Pony Djangos Top 10 Games. Of All Time. Personally.

So I wanted to do another top 10 list and figured hey. A top ten games list would be nice. I briefly touched upon it in my top ten about me but I want to give details as to WHY they're my top ten. (although most of them will have similar reasons as to why) I'll also be throwing in a song I like a lot from each game. So without further ado let's begin!

Number 10:

Metro 2033 (PC, Xbox 360)
Starting off at number 10 is Metro 2033. To me the Metro series is what the Fallout series is to a lot of people, a game where you the player are exploring a post apocalyptic world seeing what's new in it and how it's effected everyone. What's different though is I find this much more realistic with how it is today. Now don't get me wrong Fallout's fun too I just find it less believable. 

I also like Metro's story as a whole, both games have a fun interesting well put together story. While I won't give spoilers away about it I'll just say it intrigued me to keep going even after I put it down and would pick it up again months later (hey I didn't say it didn't have flaws that's why it's at 10).

See Metro does have its share of problems, but most of them can be overlooked, in fact aside from the one where I set it down for a few months and finally came back to it it's few and far between. The AI  can be kind of stupidly cheap in the first one detecting you when they shouldn't (which is quite different from Metro Last Light, where the AI won't detect you a lot of the time). And every time I was doing a sneaking bit in just one section right as I was close to finishing it I died. But then. The last time I got it, I understood how to get past the section.

But that's not about why I love the game, the setting is a big seller to me as well and going back to how I find it more believable. I could potentially see people living in a subway system trying to avoid radiation, it makes more sense to me than vaults made by the government (mainly because to our knowledge we don't have any) and then how theirs different sects trying to seize control over those people and playing into real life groups that would try to take it over.

The mood and atmosphere are also really good to me, how anything can be a threat but it may not be as well. At first the story is really simple too, just about a boy trying to save his subway station, but as it goes along it gets more complicated and interesting as a story should. Some would say that's been done before, and they're right! It has. Doesn't mean I can't like it however.

That's a simple but well known song of the game. But I still happen to enjoy it, even if it is the main menu theme.

Number 9:

Metroid Fusion (GBA, Wii U, 3DS Ambassador Program)
Metroid Fusion, put down the pitchforks Super Metroid fans just because it's not on my list doesn't mean I don't enjoy it. Fusion is a little bit of an oddity on my list, while I do genuinely enjoy it, it's also my first Metroid title I played so it has a little bit of rose colored glasses to me. But to me Fusion still is the definitive 2D Metroid game, while people say it held your hand a bit to much (which it did, I admit) it was a good starting point for a 12 year old whom had never touched a Metroid game before. And while now I see it was a little hand holdy, I honestly have a few things I prefer about it over the earlier games.

One thing first though, I do enjoy two gameplay aspects from Super Metroid more, having a run button, and being able to choose which Arm Cannon attachment you were using. That being said though I still prefer how Metroid Fusion played better, it flowed really well to me and made me feel like I was part of the action. The other games have as well but not to that depth. I liked the missiles in Fusion better since you just clicked it on and shot, where as with Super you had to scroll through the specific missile you wanted, whereas Fusion they were the same. My only complaint though for the Fusion missiles is when you get the ice upgrade for them, it's the same problem with every Ice weapon, takes longer to kill and instead of being able to switch between the two you're stuck with them after that.

I also really enjoyed thew story in Fusion, to me it was there and gave nice details to people that were newcomers without being to in your face about it. Like another certain Metroid game. I'm looking at you Other M. But Samus was believable as if it was still her, while she was scared a bit of the SA-X, she didn't let it interfere with what her main objective was and did what Samus does best. Blasting what needed blasting and taking names, she also did it her way.

And that escape from the SA-X theme? Still gets me scared.

Number 8:

Dust: An Elysian Tail (PC, Xbox 360)
Sheesh where do I even begin with this one? From here on it's the game that have really struck me, Metro and Fusion are great games but these next 8? Oh man they're amazing to me. As a side note about Dust if you don't like furries it may not be for you. There's nothing sexual though so if you can live with that good. Dust is an amazing game and one that I highly recommend.

It plays similarly to a Metroid game where you get more powerups as you go along and have items to collect. However with Dust I almost always felt like I was in control. Samus controls great don't get me wrong but Dust? He controls beautifully to me. I should also note it's the only game I've 100% achievements on Steam. It's good, like really good (doesn't hurt that most of the achievements can be acquired so long as you play on hard) Dust was also one of the first games where I've started to get a bit more masochistic. I played it the first time on hard, a lot of games haven't been fun on normal to me lately so I've upped the ante and it's worked (mostly) I loved it. I don't think I could do normal now, same with Fire Emblem: Awakening they just feel so good on Hard.

But I'm getting distracted (again) the reason I love Dust aside from control is once again the story along with a few others. The story is pretty basic and can be seen coming, however... it adds a few twists to the normal points and makes it it's own. Which I appreciate, I also love and adore the characters in this game they all work so well even Fidget. I loved Fidget entirely and she's the character a lot complain about, but that little nimbat just flowed so well with me her jokes her voice her personality just worked. As did Dust's and Ahrah's. The characters worked so well and you can tell Dean Dodril (that's the guy that made the game by the way, mostly by himself) sank his heart and soul into it. And it worked. The characters, the art for the game and the setting just merge together to make a wonderful game.

Now that being said there is one other thing that really does help this game. It's soundtrack. Which was made by an outside company but they nailed it just perfectly so goodjob HyperDuck Sound Works. You did a great job.

Number 7:

The Longest Journey (PC)

This game... man this game. It was introduced to me by a good friend at a Half Priced Book store for 5$. Not even close to what this game is worth, unfortunately however not a lot of people have heard of this game. Until the kickstarter that is, while it's still not well known it definitely helped. By the way The Longest Journey's available on Steam for 10$. Not to shabby but still this game is great.

You have parallel worlds, a protagonist that doesn't really want to be a protagonist but is thrown into it and has to take things into her own hands. The characters (once again) are all amazing and each person's story is told so well, that it makes me happy, this music, setting and story are great. (sensing a common theme with my common games are we?)

April Ryan is a great character to play as, it keeps you wanting more of the game you're playing with the story, setting and just learning more about both worlds. As I said you get to explore two worlds and there's still so much we haven't touched in either worlds that it gets me excited for the kickstarted one.

The gameplay for a point and click is really good too, and the puzzles aren't to hard to figure out and make sense. FOR THE MOST PART. If you've played the game you know exactly which damned puzzle I'm talking about too. And the shame of it all is it's right at the beginning of the game so it quite possibly will discourage new players from finishing the game. The damned rubber duck puzzle, seriously type in rubber duck puzzle on google and you'll see quite a few hits for it. You don't even need to type in The Longest Journey half the result on the first page are from that puzzle. That aside the rest of the puzzles aren't to bad and really fun.

The only real complaint I have about the game these days are the graphics, and I don't mind bad graphics... usually but this is the time when people were just getting used to 3D models cause it was 1999, so I will give it some slack. It's definitely not unplayable but it's not pretty. Which is a shame because if they redid it today I feel as if it would be marvelous. As of this point the first game is still the best. The second one strayed a little to far from it's roots and became something different (not bad mind you, just different) but is still interesting enough if the game hooks you.

The music is a great part of The Longest Journey, however it has to be different frequently. Why is that? Two different worlds baby. World of Science and World of Magic can't have the same music after all.

In fact two worlds two songs! Here you go!

Number 6:

The Wonderful 101 (Wii U)

Ahhhhh The Wonderful 101, another game that was tragically overlooked but still a really good game. The reviews came down a bit lower than I was expecting on this one with a few sites being a key exception (Destructoid and Holmes for one) but yeah the game is great. This time though while the story's fun you can tell it's supposed to be silly.

And that's good! The story doesn't take itself to seriously it gets silly and dumb, while keeping a story that gets you interested in what's coming next, and tries to just a have good time with itself. For the most part it succeeds. For some reason even though the Wii U gamepad SHOULD work really really well for how you make attacks in the game it's not my preferred option (which may just be my preference).

No I actually found it a lot easier to use the right analog stick to make the different forms that your heroes take on. Which is just plain bizarre to me, I do have a theory on
that however, I like using the stylus to keep the screen clean so every time I take it out I have to put it away again, and you have to be quick and precise while using the touch screen, which is why I prefer the right analogue stick.

The humors spot on the characters are cleverly written and just have fun interacting with one another. Plus you get to be in charge of a team of super heroes, who didn't want that as a kid? There's also a fair amount of stuff to do after beating the game which is really cool (I still haven't gotten everything yet).

Plus you gotta dig the main theme:

Number 5:

Earthbound (SNES, GBA (Japan Only), Wii U)

Another game that was introduced to me by a friend, he challenged me to play it without a guide and Let's Play it (it's also his favorite game) and did it I did:
It's a long Let's Play but I had fun (also my first RPG Let's Play so I know that I should have cut out random encounters since they're kinda boring)

Boy did I have no idea what I was in for with this one (partially I did grow interested in it after one of my favorite reviewers did it proper justice:
So I went into it almost blind not having known what it was, aside from spotting it once at my card/game store back when I was in 8th grade playing Magic: The Gathering. I remember it clearly because it looked quite interesting but was a) expensive and b) didn't have a SNES. So it wasn't until much later when my friend challenged me and I downloaded the ROM for it due to it being so high in price (and it not being on Wii U at the time) that I sat down and played it.

Earthbound's a bit of a weird bird however, I know that starman.net is crazy about the game but that not everyone is. It's kinda a like it or you don't deal, which I get every body has their own opinions and I enjoy that, can't force everyone to be the same. But for me since I like to frequently dwell back to my childhood and reminisce about being a kid this game was perfect for me. There still isn't many games where you play as a group of kids to save the world from some kind of darkness.

The writing is amazing as I'm sure if you've heard about this game you've been told 1,000 times, and honestly? Everyone's right. If you grew up in the 90's though it'll help a bit more, pop culture references and just things that don't exist anymore in today's world are nice to be able to take a blast to the past. The characters are written well and fun to listen to, even the not main villain but turns into the villain in Mother 3 Porky, or Pokey you can't help but not laugh at the guy even as he causes you so much shit.

Now the gameplay for the battle system is what I hear a lot of complaints about, and at first it was a little hard to grasp but once you do it's great. I only really have two complaints with it, you don't get a party heal until way late into the game (and that's just not something I'm used to, so that's me) and not seeing your characters attack, not a big complaint either of them but still something that would've been nice. Killing enemies instantly if the game calculates that you'd kill them in one turn is amazing however.

I also just had shakes from how this story impacted me, most games from here on have touched me down to my soul in one way or another. And this one did. To see what happens at the end and you keep fighting to save everyone touched me. It really did.

Number 4:

Golden Sun: The Lost Age (GBA)

This game is what got me moving into RPG's. I had dabbled here and there with the likes of Final Fantasy but nothing had truly touched me and made me go wow. I want to play this game. And I'm glad it did, even after the not as good sequel of Dark Dawn (but still good and wanting that fourth game already) it's a series that I love and adore. I've gotten every Djinn and summon in it and a vast majority of the items. I love this game to pieces and for a very long time it was my number one game and then my number two. In fact only in the past four or so years has it gotten down to number four.

I started playing this game from a person I knew, I was on a Boy Scott High Adventure trip and he let me borrow the game. And I was hooked. Like completely, I went out when I got home and bought the first one because I don't like doing things out of order (Lost Age is still better but first one's great too) and played through it. Then I got the second one and have played it about 6 times I think. The first one I've done about three. Third one twice I believe. Even now I'm wanting to play it again, as I've been wanting to with each game since the number 8 slot. The only reason I don't is because I have to many danged games now.

The characters took my heart and melted it, I loved each one even the (mostly) silent protagonist. They work so well together and when you get the first game's crew with you it doesn't stop, throughout the game they give the characters more depth, more feelings more story. And that's what a character needs, even some minor characters I remember to this day because I haven't forgotten about them. That is how you write a character.

The gameplay system is great too, how you can use the Djinn to either power yourself up or unleash them for a devastating summon, the game let's you choose how you want to play, with multiple character classes and different ways each character can play it's a treat. It's a little archaic now (but not by to much) where if you attack an enemy that another team mate's killed that turn they just auto guard instead.

And all the things to find in this game and the puzzles and the fun you have doing it? I love exploring a world that feels like it was built well, I really do. I like going out of my way in this game to find that one Djinn I missed or that one town I really enjoy because it feels like the creators cared. And that's what matters to me. That the creators loved this world enough to make you want to feel it and find everything. That's good design.

Number 3:

Bastion (PC, Xbox 360, iOS)

Bastion. The game that I didn't know quite what to make of it when I saw my friend playing it when it first came out four summers ago. Later that year around October if I recall correctly when I bought it on a Steam sale I was hooked. I loved the game and gave it immense support, even buying it for a few friends when it went on sale. There's only been one other game I've done that for.

I bought the soundtrack days later, if I wasn't packing at the moment I'd show you proof that I have the physical copy but I am. You can't not talk about this games soundtrack. It's phenomenal in my mind's eye. I love the style of it and still listen to it regularly.

The other thing you can't not talk about is the narrator. As much as I love Rucks (that's the narrators name)not everyone did. Some found it grating and annoying and I'm not quite sure where they got that from, his soothing tones always made me more comfortable and made the story telling phenomenal.

The story itself is good too, short but not done to many times in this specific way. Sure there's plenty of the world is ending we need to search for survivors and start over but I haven't heard of the world ending in this specific way many times before this.

The gameplay for it is fun too, most of the weapons are fun and easy to use, some and that's a very few some are kinda crap but the upgrade system that makes the weapons more powerful works pretty well I'd say.

Number 2:

Guild Wars: Prophecies (PC)

The other game I've bought for many, many friends (it was a joke for a while that if it was your birthday you knew what was coming) My second MMO ever (That I remember) and to this day I still love it. Guild Wars 2 is good but I prefer the very first Guild Wars. Prophecies. While Factions, Nightfall, and Eye of the North are great too, it's prophecies that takes the cake. It's where I found my love of the continent of Tyria and all of it's people. Except Charr. Charr are mean and burned down my Ascalon. Even if we did it first that's not the point.

It made me feel for the characters that died, or sacrificed something for us and when someone you weren't expecting to betray me did end up betraying us it crushed me. One character you could practically tell the entire time was the bad guy though, so points for trying ArenaNet but he was obvious. That's not saying I didn't enjoy him however, his scenes were still interesting and once you found out his entire back story you wanted to get him.

Each class feels different to me in the game as well Warrior, Monk, Ranger, Necromancer, Mesmer and my personal favorite Elementalist. They did happen to play a little similarly if they were magic users (Monk, Elementalist, Mesmer and Necromancer) but they where different enough from one another that it worked. Mesmers stopped spells, Necromancers cast blood spells and raised the dead, Monks healed, and Elementalists? Those were my jam. Out of my 5,500 hours in that game one character holds 4,000 hours. My main character since Runescape Zelda Sheek (yes yes it's misspelled I know) aside from Runescape any game she's in a mage of some sort. Even have a Zelda Sheek Jr in Guild Wars 2. Zelda Sheek the XIIIth didn't have enough room sadly Most of the time the one that casts big flashy fire spells that does a lot of damage.

There were tons of quests too, lots of content to do in end game Fissure of Woe, and Underworld in particular. Along with small quests like help the farmer to after game quests of well. That big boss baddie did do something before he passed and raised an army. We should probably take care of that shouldn't we? Then there was Halloween and Wintersday celebrations. Standing in the Lion's Arch square and talking with everyone staying up late in the morning to see what goodies it was this year. It was good times. Good times that I dearly miss. For as much as I love Guild Wars: Prophecies I don't think I've seriously played it in 3 years. I need a guild or people to play with and with not as many people on and the amount of hours I've sunk into the game I've taken a very, very long break. One I'd like to end one day soon.

And my favorite Guild Wars: Prophecies soundtrack. A hard tune to listen to actually, it was only in one area of the game and you usually had to wait a few minutes for it to play. I remember Granite Citadel very well.

Number 1:

Skies of Arcadia Legends/ Eternal Arcadia Legends (GC/DC)

Ahhhhh Skies of Arcadia Legends. My favorite game, lent to me by an old friend that once started beating me with a metal chair just because I didn't get him far enough in Megaman Battle Network 1 in one night but then I got tired staying up all night and wanted to sleep. He was not pleased and starting hitting me with the chair, I kicked him and biked home. Needless to say we are no longer friends.

That being said I am quite thankful for him introducing me to this game as I'm a big nut for it. Even tried cosplaying the main character once!:
Man I wish I was skinnier. And had better cosplay skills. But maybe if I tried again I'd be better today. That was five years ago after all. But still I had fun, and needless to say am completely addicted to this game. I hope for a sequel or an HD release. Even though I own the original Dreamcast version (which I just finally got at a decent price of 70 dollars. That's the Dreamcast and game mind you) and the Gamecube rerelease that had special features. The Gamecube's the one that I originally owned and still have to this day.:

Gamecube not shown due to packing as stated earlier.

Now as to why I like this game? Where to even begin.... the game is a beautiful masterpiece to me. To me this IS the ultimate in RPG games. The story, characters, world, atmosphere, music, and gameplay just flow so well. It is my definition of a perfect game. We all have those, that one perfect game that we cherish above all others.

Anyone that knows me knows I'm a huge fan of One Piece, so Skies of Arcadia is a great game for me because it's a goofy game about pirates. The serious moments are there and can and will hit you in all the right spots but it definitely has a lot of silly light hearted cute moments too. The characters are all amazing I could spend days talking about them but I won't.

The one weird thing for me is I'm dreadfully afraid of heights. And Skies of Arcadia is a game about Air Pirates. So you'd think I'd be a little scared right? Nope. While I am scared shitless over some of the things the game has you do, I also really like this worlds ship design for Air Ships. Each one (aside from stock ships) is unique and different in each way, they even have it so you have Air Ship battles along with the normal you versus enemy encounter. Plus this. This attack?

It wrecks so much shit. But that being said they make it fair. You have to earn it, by choosing the right way to fly your ship and have it charged up enough.

Then theirs the world. Another thing from earlier remember how I said I loved enjoying a game that felt like the creators liked making it? Welcome to Skies of Arcadia Legends folks! Where they have things called discoveries that give you more backstory about the world that you can then in turn sell for money. Pretty cool right?

Then there's the story, I love the story, it's an amazing one and I won't say anymore about it for fear of ruining it. This game. This game is my jam. I have played it 8 times, 100% it once (it takes a while to do it) and I'm going to keep playing it once a year probably 100% it every other year. 100% is a good idea as well, you get access to one more super-boss afterwards and the best weapon in the game. But enough gushing. (Unless you want me to gush more. Just ask in comments and I will)

I hope you enjoyed my top ten games of all time post. I know some of the reasons overlapped but what can I say? I have a specific like when I play my games. What's everyone's at Destructoid's Favorite game? I'm curious and wanna learn more about all ya'l.
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