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"Is that voice... Enrico?"

........."yeah." Sometimes it's not the perfect mechanics or riveting story telling that make a video game truly special. It's not always the breathtaking landscapes or perfectly tightened graphics that will keep that title in your heart ...


You vs Me: The Western Gamer

I've been following and visiting Destructoid since the site's humble beginning, living in the shadows, but not really having much of a presence in the community. With that being said, I have feelings and this is a blog so why not put them ...


About Sniper BoB 13one of us since 10:43 AM on 10.30.2007

I'm a fan of entertaining things, which is to say things that entertain me. I am not one to entertain others for often my attempts to do so fall flat.

I can dance a jig for you, though your insides will overflow with disappointment and sadness will consume you at witnessing such.

I detest video games (which is to say I love video games.)
I also lie
I like to start sentences contained in biographical blurbs with "I".
I like games called Silent Hill (Silent Hill 2 especially), Metal Gear Solid, Halo, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Street Fighter, Final Fantasy (7-10, 12), Uncharted 3, Bioshock, Braid, Half-life, and many many more hit titles you can find at your local video game vendor.

I sometimes pass gas.
I am not a heavy reader, though I will sometimes read books, (some) comics, and plays. Example of such include Catch-22, Waiting for Godot, Watchmen, Batman: Arkham Asylum A Serious House on Serious Earth and I enjoy post-modern surrealism (that stuff that you probably consider pretentious.) I am currently reading "The Old Republic: Deceived"

I hate Richard Linklater. (I find his movies pretentious and anything you learn in the movie "Waking Life" you could of learned from a first year community college philosophy course and it would of been more interesting)

I am heavily critical of films and hate most movies you like. (Like Transformers.) Though I have an unnatural love for Die Hards 1 & 3. (<3)

Also Parks and Recreation is a remarkable show. Ron Swanson is a remarkable person.

I am currently procrastinating.

I am an idiot.
I am epileptic.
I am half asian.

I am Joe.