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The Gun Game: Springs are under tension

Locked, stocked and also cocked. I have been meaning to do a weekly post about something. I love three things about games; Guns, Blood and the unique moments that will NEVAR be recreated in other mediums. Well, I donít feel like writing ...


The Pitt DLC: Let me AXE you sumin'...

Some new info have been speading on the internets about the second part Fallout 3s DLC called "The Pitt" You might have notice the new melee weapon in the picture above. It's called the "Auto-Axe". Also, seen is some awesome armour and ...



HAMZA's homeland: HAMZA certainly lives in Nairobi, Kenya. Along with overthrowing the government, he has made it illegal for those who live in Nairobi to buy Adobe and has forced Nairobites to shoop his image with Gimp. HAMZA has even rele...


Why so musing?

Gear of war, Left 4 Dead and Fallout 3. What do these games have in common? A bleak outlook on life, a gritty feel and humor . What happens when you play a game thatís a complete downer? Generally, you might stop playing. Serious games ...


Left4Dead campaign posters

I just made a few Left4dead campaign posters with supernorn's template from FPSBanana. When I was making this poster, I thought of a GTA4/Left4dead scenario. A large city in ruins and the bright lights stained with blood. The campaign be...


MiamiNARP: Details and more. (10% MOAR)

The MiamiNARP was big. How you may ask? 500 people (Give or take) showed up. MiamiNARP went off without a hitch and ended with no mishaps. But oh, what you donít know. Letís start at the beginningÖ Me, Buena and R3y got to FIU at around...


Volatile Games working on "Triple A Shooter"

Source Apparently Volatile Games is hard at work on a shooter title for the Ps3/360 Combo (PC isn’t mentioned). It’s a "AAA game" and the gun used on the site looks to be a H&K USP Match pistol. Little known facts about Volatile Gam...


Microsoft vs. Sony (with Faux Select Screen!)

Here‚Äôs a game concept that will NEVER see the light of day: It‚Äôs a 3D Fighting game featuring characters from both consoles (As well as some more ‚Äúretro‚ÄĚ characters). The fight style and flow are time and character based. Confu...


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