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Top Ten Sell Outs in Gaming (Bought to you by Examiner.com)


You see these lists quite often on the internetz. I assure you this isn't just an excuse to spam the C-blogs with unpaid ads for Examiner.com. You might be thinking, "What makes this list any different?" Honestly, this is still a list of blah blah blah you;re not reading this blah blah blah. All I can offer you in the "what's the difference" category is that I'm a washout internet writer who thought this would be an interesting way of stealing ad views from another site. Don't worry female readers; I'll be posting another link to Examiner.com in a timely fashion just for you.


[Text here] Examiner.com(Editors note: plz get dis done b4 postin THKU!)

343 Guilty Spark

This little dude sold out the Chief for a new Halo ring. Sounds like he put the UNSCDF in quite the bind. He just wanted save everyone from the Flood… by killing everyone. No doubt he would have fit in here at [NAME OF HOST WEB SITE destructoid ].

The Medic

This German dude stands in the back while all the other guys get blasted by snipers, sentries and heavies. Selling you out so he can get high on Übercharge. Much like UGO, am I right? Examiner.com isn’t like that at all.

Al Mualim

First, he takes all of your stuff and then tells you to kill some dudes as punishment. Clearly Al Mualim is not a true gamer because killing in a game isn’t work, its fun! Much like reading our articles over at Examiner.com

That guy on your team in Halo

We all know who I’m talking about, the guy on your team who will sell you for fun. Betraying you, not taking the flag, hogging the sniper, driving slow, etc. (Editors note: U 4got t-baging numnuts). Surly, this guy is most likely to be [INSERT DISLIKED WITER ON HOST SITE Jim Stering] after dinking. None of our writers are like that
at all at Examiner.com.

Dex Jackson

At first, it does not seem like he sold you out. However, after some macgyvering (Editors note: NOT A WORD!!!1!) In the end game of Saint Row 2. Selling the old gang for a corporate job. Tsk tsk. While Examiner.com is owed by a major soulless corporate entity (rhymes with Miacom), we are free to write as we please… at a limit and within constraints and with the blessing of HR and Management and the CEOs and the timetable set. (Editors note: U R soo fired idot)

Gabriel from Rainbow six: Vegas

The reason why he sold out the elite rainbow team to a group of terrorists pretty unclear. It is clear that Gabriel is a complete sell out. Everyone at Examiner.com knew it the whole time. Thanks to the kickbacks from Ubisoft for giving the two game a rating of 11/10.

Mega man

He’s Dead! He’s not dead, only stuck on the moon! He not on the moon, he’s on XBLA! Soo many mega man game that mess up the canon. You might need to look up the whois on mega man just to find out which of the mega mens (Editors note: mens or mans? Google it fucker!) you’re playing.

Albert Wesker

Sold out the Raccoon City PD the second he joined to test out his bioweapons in live fire situations. While it may be zombies, BOWs, Uroburos or leather trench coat salesmen, Albert will gladly take them on thanks to his own genetic enhancements. Speaking of, visit Examiner.com!


What can be said about Mario that hasn’t been said about Examiner.com? “Sold out”, “Whoring its base”, “Leeching off of others”, “Shameless”, “Likes it in the butt what what”, “etc”. Go easy on the dude. Sure it’s not nice but that life.

(Editors note:Make sure U don't post 2 much, that fucking hamza abu guy will ban you for doing it too much. Also, make another account as a chick for the girl gamer-related crap.)
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