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Springs are under tension: Wise Fwom Your Gwave Edition


Coming Under Fire

After a three month delay and a series of unfortunate events, “Springs are under tension” is back.
Here’s a brief run down: Laptop broke, IRL events, new job and loops of fire.

Anyway, let’s get to the firearms. Since the series is literally being reanimated, I thought I would set a theme of “weapons that kill zombies and other ghouls dead!”, but that’s far too long for a headline so the current one is fine.

[color=darkred][Due to a lack of Photoshop on the new compooter, the images may be lacking of HD awesomeness][/color]

Primary Firearm

Browning M1919
Real life equal: Browning M1919
Game: Call of Duty: Call of Duty: World at War
Ammo: .30-06 Springfield
Legality in US: Popular with civilian enthusiasts and WWII buffs. Also, an Über version of this weapon was used by Marine Corporal Tony Stein during Iwo Jima called the "Stinger."

While COD: World at War isn’t a Zombie murder simulator by any means, the Nazi Zombie mini game however is worth slugging through the campaign. Using the Browning against Nazis is one thing but literally blowing chunks out of Nazi Zombies is another. Check the following:

Nazi: Arm blown off? Dead.
Nazi Zombie: Arm blown off? STILL COMING!

However, as with all automatic rifles, the chance of wasting ammo by “Rock ‘n Rolling” in panic situations can be a real threat to your supplies. The Browning also has a chance of turning Nazi Zombies into crawling Nazi Zombie. Nothing like having a former Wehrmacht officer reduced to a bloody stump.


Real life equal: Smith & Wesson Model 500
Game: Resident Evil 4
Ammo: .500 S&W Magnum
Legality in US: Deifying all expectations, this overkill revolver is legal in California.

“Stranger! *laughs* What d'you need that for? You goin' huntin' an elephant?”

"If by “elephant” you mean giant trolls, chainsaw madmen, raider nation rejects and an Aliens rip-off, then yes."

Unrealistic? Yes. Fun? No doubt. Worth getting five stars with all characters and all stages? Totally.

I hesitated to call this a “sidearm” as having this gun in real life would be too heavy and cumbersome to work as a successful combat weapon. The Handcannon is a hit one kill on most of your parasite ridden enemies in Resident Evil 4. This is the only weapon (aside from the RPG) that can kill El Gigante by shoot him in the foot (maybe twice). It is the deadest thing in game when used by a smart operator. No need to worry about that expensive ammo as the gun can upgraded with infinite ammo and a larger capacity.


S10 Gas Mask
Real life equal: Avon S10 NBC Gas Mask
Game: Resident Evil 2
Legality in US: Legal, although wearing any mask in public may bring the whole “unlawful to wear a mask” rule out in some states.

Ahh yes, the S10 Gas Mask used by British Special Forces (like the SAS). My favorite video game version of the mask has to be the HUNK version. Elongated for an aesthetic purpose and the lenses colored bright red for great justice. The wide lenses help when fighting zombies. The real masks lenses come in two flavors; clear and blacken to lessen the effects of flash bangs.

The mask also has a unique ability to allow the wearer the drink water through a built in straw, proving even HUNK needs to drink after snapping zombie necks.

The Avon S10 is the gas mask is of choice among Zombie slayers and Spec Ops alike. I fact, I own one of these masks. I highly recommend it.

That’s all friends; hopefully my new computer won’t ERROR x45778568403P and I’ll be able to keep this series going. Back to playing Left4Dead and Team Fortress 2.


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