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In Deep: The Armless Nazi


The second amendment: The right to bear…

In the past Call of Duty games, each entry was based on real world war two events like the Normandy Landings, the Battle of Stalingrad, and the Battle of the Bulge. However, the COD series has always relied on its game play and almost scenic grand battles to move the games forward.
No one ever noticed that one soldier (on multiple fronts) was able to take out entire Heer and Fallschirmjaeger troops time and time again. Not to mention the idea that people simply fall over when sprayed with .30 caliber rounds. Each COD main character surviving each bout with the forces of evil against overwhelming odds.
And then Modern Warfare happened.
Realism. It’s all the rage. That little extra that makes the game seem so… familiar. The AC-130H Spectre mission looking a lot like those YouTube clips of an AH-64 Apache infrared cam capturing the last minutes of a few insurgents before a hail of metal death rains upon them . The eerie Prypiat level.
One last trip in to the past was what COD: world at war became. The trip was not with baggage through.

From my cold dead hands…

The gore in COD: WAW was met with “meh” for some, “Awesome!” for the blood hounds and “Dear Lord” by the old dinosaurs. Add in some death animation, a Russian revenge plot and flamethrowers and the game was done.

Which brings me to this guy;

A hapless Nazi that fought for his country inside the German parliament building. After being shot with an Anti Tank Rifle (Overkill BTW) and losing his arm. He sat down and seemed to think. About what I have no idea. Maybe he thought about the true horrors of war, Maybe the irony of being “Disarmed”, or he thought “Oh no.. Not again.”

The point is the reason why I had the urge to shot him again. I know what his animation is going to do; Think and then die a few seconds later. So, why waste the ammo? While looking at some YouTube clips, the same thing happened. The friendly NPCs seem to ignore the wounded (not the guys trying to pull a last stand), but not I. Sure, He was a pawn in the grand scheme of evil things. But what if he was a conscript or just a desk jockey in the parliament building?

Regardless, He was actively trying to kill you and your buddies. If given a chance, he’d kill you and your whole family. Did the Nazi SOB deserve a moment of peace after losing an arm?

Clearly, I didn’t think so.
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