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A Good Debate

In a continuation of my last post, regarding Blizzard's "The Art of Persuasion" quest, Richard Bartle has responded, and I to him, over at the main VGD site. To prevent clutter in the previous post I am posting the discussion here, and wil...


WoW Quest is Controversial?

Kotaku has been following a story (sounds contrived, but it’s true!) wherein Richard Bartle — the man who created Multi-User Dungeons — has decided to call out a quest involving the subject of torture. Mind you it’s not the only torture qu...


Wrath of the Lich King

It's hard to overcome the skepticism that should surround any expansion for an MMO. Presumably any additional content should be more of the same, aiming to prolong the experience. But Wrath of the Lich King is different. Wrath of the Lic...


Nintendo Science

That’s a big claim, but Nintendo’s new Canadian “Build your brain” ads seem to support the equation. In the ads a respectable looking adult can be seen playing a DS while an onlooker with a tiny head attempts to make small talk. The perso...


Far Cry 2 & Responsibility

While reading Luke Plunkett’s Love/Hate review of Far Cry 2 over at Kotaku, this paragraph caught my eye: "I Know That I Must Do What’s Right – While Resident Evil 5 probably wishes it had done things a little differently, Far Cry 2 does a...


On the State of the Industry

While I was browsing the usual suspects for gaming news today I noticed something very ordinary that struck me as unusual – a thumbnail of what looked like an N64 era Hulk about to throw a car. It’s a mobile phone game. Business as usual;...


So...Mirror's Edge

I'm just going to go ahead and accept that my excitement for this game will come across as vapid and flavourless, because liking things on the internet makes you a pussy. So instead I'm going to focus on the faults. I was under the impres...


The Collective Anticipation

[Cross-posted on Vancouver Game Design] Assassin’s Creed was built up to be a period piece, a historical thriller and a look inside the mind of ancient assassin. Gamers were preparing to gear up and step into those medieval shoes. With s...


Breaking Old Habits -- WWII Games

Back when the Day of Defeat mod was the bees knees in the Half-Life community I remember there was a big deal made out of the gun balance. It's expected that a WWII game is going to attract gamers with an eye for history as well as people ...


Games For The Depression

The U.S. economy isn't looking too great right now. Despite the smirking visage of Senator Joe Biden gracing my page here I'm Canadian. That means that should the world devolve into some sort of war torn desert hellscape, I won't be t...


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