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News in Film : Uwe Boll's first good film? No.

"Say it ain't so Snaileb!"

Well my precious Destructicans, I'm afraid so. While none of Uwe Boll's previous video game to film adaptions have impressed me, even scarred me, this film looks to have alot of promise. I swear, it's got floating magicians, ancient evil, special effectical monsters, and all the hoopla that big epic movies are usually recieving these days.

The cast, which I must say is pretty impressive, has been in alot of good movies that I wouldn't hesitate to AT LEAST give it a chance. I mean, Burt Reynolds is the king! No, I mean literally. Jason Statham's last movie was a fugging bomb to say the least, but I loved Crank, as did many of you.

In the Name of the King is the film, and it's based off Dungeon Siege, and video game. The film is out January 11, 2008, but with all the great movies coming out such as Sweeny Todd, AVP2, and I Am Legend, it'll be hard to make room this season.

UPDATE : If you end up seeing this movie, and it ends up being crappy, which is probably will, please don't send me your hate mail and death threats. Instead, send them to :

Blindside Dork
64 Nintendo Lane
Mushroom Kingdom, Japan 67420

Source : In the Name of the King.com

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