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News in Film : New Trailers and Matlockery


Hey Destructoid, are you READY TO FRIDAY??? Well if not then these new trailers will definitely get the mood going. I realize that Clockwork has already posted this earlier, but I will post it again because I'm a loser with no original material, and hopeful the lunch crowd with see it. Truthfully, this has NOTHING to do with video games, that is until Hamza made the obvious notion that Speed Racer is looking like a realistic F-Zero, which I agree with. I really wish there was a "Show me your moves!" line in there, but sadly I'm too busy getting epileptic over this trailer. See it in Hi-Def, or just view below.

Moving on... Harold and Kumar 2! Yes, I know this movie is more of a "mid 90's" kind of feel to it, and as resident blogger D put it so kindly : "I feel like Harold and Kumar 2 would've been funny a couple years ago, now I'm just not interested."

Well, hopefully this trailer is the kind of pick me up that the film fan faithfuls need. Blah blah blah.. watch the damn trailer.

The Matlockery is a lie. Go Matlock on your own damn time.

Actually there will be further discussion of a certain subject later, involving the Speed Racer movie, and I'd really enjoy your input. For now there's work to be done and food to be eaten, and by food I mean one-dollar-ramen-because-there's-too-many-games food.
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