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Good Lord I'm Sick. What I Miss?

Yes, ever since Sun. I've had that nasty 104 temp virus. I think it started after seeing I Am Legend, which was a really fun but depressing movie for me. I never read the book, so that never spoiled the movie for me. I did get to see The Dark Knight 7 minute trailer, and I must say the previous one that overlord Greybush put up is alot better. Did you know they serve alcohol inside IMAX theaters? Good times!

So what else is new, Destructoid? I heard there's a new Duke Nukem trailer coming out. I almost shat myself, can this be true? Why now? Oh you cocktease, we'll never know. I see alot of people figured out the random board generator from The Colbert Report. Classy dtoid, just don't kill it!

Alot of Dark Knight news today. I would've been making some News In Film blogs, but I've been way too sick. Too sick to play video games even. Here is some bonus footage of The Dark Knight you can upload. I'm leaving a video below of the trailer, without the shaky cam. I was trying to find an HD version but..

Friday Night Fights was so much fun! Yeah, I know I'm a week late with a recap for FNF. It was really one of the more memorable ones, even Destructoid's own Won Workmeng was there. I think he was sober. Most rooms were full for most hosts, and when someone would leave the COD4 match, it'd fill right back up. Just like it's supposed to! We'll need more hosts...

I don't know how relevant this blog actually is, seeing as how one paragraph consisted of video games, but thanks for stoping by and reading my dribble. I'm going to go be sick some more.

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