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Friday Night Fights 16 : Calm Before the Storm (Update!)


Thanks to -D-, bhive01, and itemforty for making the picture so awesome.

Tomorrow will be a very important FNF, because Ass Creed, Ass Effect, and Ass Band will shortly be making it's way into our lives. That being said, this may or may not be the last time we will see alot of us in the same game together. Ever since Halo and OrangeBox, I've seen alot of FNF attendees go their seperate ways, which has impacted FNF's a little, but this month will show how alot of people will be spending their money. Hopefully you've saved up enough cash to support tomorrow's game.

No need for introductions, Call of Duty 4 has exploded our minds and confused others, but evidently everyone is feeling pretty confiedent that this is the best multiplayer game to hit since Your mom : Sex Simulator Exxxtreme. Last FNF was huge, and I apologize to anyone that couldn't find a game to jump into. This month I'm asking for moderators and hosts that will be displayed on the front page so you too can have a hundred friends that you have no personal connection with. If you're intrested in this please e-mail me (Snaileb at gmail) for details. Back on topic, I'm really glad how Friday Night Fights have turned out, and there is usually always a game or room to join. Though some of us are ready to Friday earlier than most, it's good to see you guys playing together nicely. It's ok if you don't own COD4! There is alot more going on! Of course there are the haloes and Team Fortress 2, not to mention the PS3 is also apparently really good to own for COD4. That's not all the PS3 has going for it, but again I'm asking for moderators and hosts for all consoles, not just 360.

So don't be afraid! Chime in and let me know what you want to play, and on what system, including Call of Duty. If we get over a dozen people, the hosts will be posted shortly and based on the voice of the community we will decide what games you guys are ready to Friday with. Anyone that was playing Call of Duty with us all week, we'd love to hear your experinces and why it's such a great game. Or not. Whatever.
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