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Batman & Indiana Jones Movie Crossover

You read that right : Right now, there is an epic crossover being considered between the films and the respected characters Batman, and Indiana Jones. There's been alot of dispute about this movie seeing the light of day, and conflicts have arisen such as the era of sorts.

Luckly for you guys : This was being considered, IN MY MIND. hahahaha

[Lord Helmet]FOOLED YOU![/Lord Helmet]

Ok, but really we have some FANTASTIC news concerning both movie properties. First of all, we take a look at Indiana Jones and the Turkey Neck o-... what? Oh, right. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Crystal Skull. We last saw Captain Solo in his Indiana garb, looking fantastic as always. Now we see even more of him, and I must say he's looking pretty fit.

His "kid" is a Greaser, eh? Not bad..

He sure is happy to be dying so soon.. I mean, old people are old. (sorry, I live in FL)

Great, old people with driver licenses AND guns. Fuck.

Now, this Batman Viral Marketing has gone too far. It was uncovered by a team of Jokerologists, and it's a new picture, as someone had recently blogged. It turns out it lead to a whole lot more, in a whole new campaign.

We, as well as the fans, received the following today from [email protected]:

"If you've finished my quiz, then it's time for the next step in the interview process, something to test your aptitude." Spaces count:

* Eighth
* Sixth
* Eighth
* Ninth
* Ninth
* Second
* Fourth
* Second
* Third

Which ends up leading you to WhySoSerious.com/Mausoleum. How? And how do I open that vault? Only you will be able to tell us that..

UPDATE #10: So how do you open the vault? Just set your computer's clock to 7:38AM and refresh the page (and don't forget to reset your clock to the correct time afterwards!). 7:38AM is the time Taffyface was killed, as listed in The Gotham Times. And Joker's clue after the personality profile was "Time for Taffy."

Haven't see enough viral sites yet? How about four more...

- GothamUSD.net
- GothamCab.com
- ACMESecuritySystems.com
- GVAFoundation.org

Source : SuperHeroHype.com
Source : SlashFilm.com
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