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My favorite upvotes are the ones that you know the person disagrees with you, but still sees your side as a valid opinion. Good vibes ya'll.


Elon Musk on SNL tomorrow. If you don't have any Doge yet, it may jump. *This is not stock adivce.


This is where season 1 of Invincible ended, with two more already green lit. I already own these but if anyone wants to read them for free, they were just put up on Get Comics, link inside. (Not my picture)


For better or for worse, Dtoid changes a lot, and will continue to change. It's always been a second home and running away from disagreements is counter productive. This community has been supportive for years, and you can never give up hope.


Off to work I go, pic related.


Happy sideways Cindo de Mayo


Doge just exploded. Anyone a millionaire yet? Buy me a Tesla? PS5? Five Guys burger? Mcdouble? Can I maybe just get handshake? A little eye contact then. Just a glimpse torwards my direction? May I at least walk close to you and be better because of it?


Off to work I go! Pic related.


Now that I'm a home owner, I think of the worst things. Like, what would happen if I squeezed Diet Coke upwards into my faucets and then shoved some Mentos up there? Only these stupid things make me wish I was still renting.


Anytime I post something political I have to ask... is it worth it? Is it.. funny enough? Or maybe just cursed. Good morning!


Friend sent me a video of a man in Spain who claims to have woken up in 2027 (but can still send videos to tik tok?). I told him it has to be a rich guy who knows CGI, but it's fun to watch, a head scratcher. Link inside, YT hates fun.


To quote the greatest band of all time.. "..and they don't stop coming and they don't stop.."


This one is probably my favorite so far.


John Candy made an attractive woman.


Ryan Reynolds posted this, would watch.


Found a lumpo on my doggo last nite, just dropped her off at the vet. Same place cured my rescue's cancer 5 years ago and he's still great, I have confidence. Just going to cost another couple grand I can't afford. Nasty removed tumor pics inside!


My doggo Zelda trying popcorn for the first time. I'm drunk. Another Round was so good. Would watch again, was not ready for the feelies.


This is some good shit. Really good movie. Mads Mikkelsen plays the bad guy.


I was almost out when she said crystals but 12 minutes in I thought I was stoned. Pretty cool half hour documentary.. or whatever.


Something something we live in a society, I'm just glad they put the best Joker's at the top. The party jokers not the hardcore jokers.


Thanks to everyone for the job advice, sorry I didn't reply to everyone. I hate that. Anywho I got the engineering job, I'm sitting in my office drafting blueprints and after 15 years it came back like a lightning bolt. Thanks again everyone!


I'm going to war against Monday's.


Super day drunk, Pineapple Upside Down Cake Sours. AMA I will answer, but beware I'm not that interesting.


After a month of getting dicked around delivering for Amazon, a month of job searching, I was accepted for four different jobs. Two different manager positions at a dispensary or two civil engineering positions for a survey company. Fuck me what to do?


No date yet but Part One is PG-13 releasing this summer, with Part Two being rated R in the fall. This looks good! Better than the Killing Joke at least.


Playing Skyrim again, broke out my trusty mug. Life is good.


I'm on a Star Trek kick myself rn, found this little gem from Voyager. Every episode seems to have a special guest and I love it. George Kastanza from Seinfield was in a good episode too.