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Oh please please please happen!


Since Tom Holland is in the news, here is a trailer for Pilgrimage streaming on Hulu. I spoil things.


Freaking Indeed, the struggle is real.


Every Wednesday is a new release day for comics, every Wednesday I am in heaven. Pic related?


So Ghost of Tsushima Legends, every co op game I walk into battle playing my flute. I thought it might annoy people (not my intent, I just think it's cool) but I haven't had a match that everyone hasn't joined in. 4 samurai going to battle with the flute.


Among Us has made my work productivity non-existent.


Just purchased a house, suck it 2020. We're putting up art, pics inside. I want someone to do a commission piece for a video game paintings soon which I'm sorely lacking.


I can't wait to be a Legend. We get to be demi-god samurai! Excellent in depth interview on Game Informer about the new Ghost of Tsushima update that just went live.


Hot take : I purchased Nioh 2 when it was released and never started it. I still can't yet, Ghost of Tsushima has co op and new game plus added today!


I got on the Tsushima band wagon a little late. Co-op and horde mode come out tomorrow and I don't know anyone who owns this amazing game! Anyone want to run through new game plus with me on PS4 over the weekend? Pic related?


All I want to know... is Matt Damon still Matt Damon?


Sick for a whole week! Not the Rona. Glad to be back at work, stay safe everyone. Pic related.


Is shit post Saturday a thing? It's an every day thing for me. Watching the wife play ACNH, just one resident away from a 3 star island. Animal crossing isn't my thing but I'm helping the best I (wiki) can.


Friendly reminder. 2020 has been quite a ride. I hope next year is better, what a terrifying thought.


If you have never read the Invincible comics, you are in for a treat. The artist Ryan Ottley stoped work on Invincible and moved to Marvel for Amazing Spiderman. He's really good, and Kirkman made The Walking Dead.


Had to take the Obama #warfu off the top. That was just cursed. Have some spooky October thiccness.


I know I'm late to the party, but I platinumed Ghost of Tsushima. Just in time for the DLC! Pic related.


I was attacked!!! By a ghost... in Far Cry 5.


Smash is great and all, but it has totally overshadowed the new Borat 2 trailer. Can't wait I love a good roast.


The South Park Pandemic special is happening tonight, soon! I haven't watched in a long time but I'm hoping it's good. You can watch it for free on ComedyCentral.com too!