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I'm going to war against Monday's.


Super day drunk, Pineapple Upside Down Cake Sours. AMA I will answer, but beware I'm not that interesting.


After a month of getting dicked around delivering for Amazon, a month of job searching, I was accepted for four different jobs. Two different manager positions at a dispensary or two civil engineering positions for a survey company. Fuck me what to do?


No date yet but Part One is PG-13 releasing this summer, with Part Two being rated R in the fall. This looks good! Better than the Killing Joke at least.


Playing Skyrim again, broke out my trusty mug. Life is good.


I'm on a Star Trek kick myself rn, found this little gem from Voyager. Every episode seems to have a special guest and I love it. George Kastanza from Seinfield was in a good episode too.


First the Army, then the cows, then the people..


Disco Elysium is 20% off on PSN. Neat. Playing Risk of Rain 2 till it's finished downloading.


FUCKING YES!!!! (Also spoilers for episode 1)


I like cheese as much as the next American, but this is cursed.


I still want a PS5. That is all.


After you read this, go read Revolver. Link inside!


Happy Birthday dtoid in late snaily fashion.


Happy St. Patricks Day!


More drunk, mucho mota, mucho bueno. AMA.


Happy Pi Day party people.


Woke up at 8 am to get my hand frozen. Then they stuck a six inch needle into it, and now it's completely numb. Take game breaks people, pic related.


Delivering full time for Amazon the past few weeks has been a trip. Everyone is ten years younger than me. I've had two back surgeries, two knee surgeries, and an ass ton of other medical issues. Everybody whines but I'm just waiting for death.


If there ever is a Mandalorian video game..


Oh boy! Now I get to create my wife's Wasteland biography, this game is great! Edit : Finished my squad, what a fun story. #indietoid


First day at the job done. Not so bad. Now to reward myself with GOAT Simulator DLC and Wasteland 2 : Director's Cut. #indietoid