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Mayim Bialik Has A Sexy Nose

This is more of a continuation of sorts I guess to the blog I wrote last night(no not the one of my blue haired angels) about Half Life 2. It took me three years to finally get around to playing it but I beat it this afternoon. Impressive and immersed are the two words that come to my mind right now in regards to Half Life 2. The lack of cut scenes and showing Gordon in the third person really do wonders in fully immersing you into the experience. From being put on a train with no idea of what has transpired in the beginning to the ending that left more questions then answers I was hooked.

Of course the game is not without some gripes though, the main one being your fucking squad getting in your fucking way later int he game when you are trying to get shit done without the Combine turning you into a piece of swiss cheese! There were several points later in the game when I was just yelling "Get the fuck out of my way you fucking cocksucker" to the medic who refuses to give me a first aid kit when I am at 40% health standing in front of the doorway with a room full of fucking medkits.

Time to dig into Episode 1 and TF2....

ps: Here she is in all her sexy nosed wacky hat wearing glory!

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