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Betty White Is A Silver Fox

Snatcher is the first game that I have played that has lived up to the hype surrounding it. For those who haven't heard of Snatcher it is a game made by everyone's favorite insane genius, Hideo Kojima. It pretty much plays out like a graphical choose your own adventure game with some gunplay thrown in for good measure.

So far I just finished Act 1 and the game really has a great sort of charm to it. There is a lot of references to the Metal Gear series along with other Konami games like Castlevania plus it seems to have a habit of breaking the fourth wall. Anyways, if TF2 and Crackdown Beta don't grab me in their icy cold death grip I am going to find more time to play through the Snatcher in all it's Gillian Seed being creepy with the ladies glory.
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