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About Sloopydrewone of us since 2:42 AM on 03.26.2007

Favorite Games: Resident Evil 4, Grim Fandango, Dead Rising, Ms. Pac-Man, Shadow of the Colossus, Elder Scrolls III, Elder Scrolls IV, Resident Evil 1, Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil REmake, Dark Forces, Chrono Trigger, Full Throttle, Half-Life 2, Fatal Frame 1 & 2, Sam & Max, Samba de Amigo, Resident Evil: Code Veronica, Shenmue, Shenmue II, Maniac Mansion, Just about anything Zelda, Just about anything Metroid, Just about anything Mario, Just about anything Castlevania (in 2-D), Just about anything Oddworld, Tetris, Jet Grind Radio, Jet Set Radio Future, Silent Hill 1 & 2, God of War, Gears of War, Jade Empire, Knights of the Old Republic, etc. etc. etc..

I Own: Both crap and stuff.

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