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So, I made a giant Mega Man on my wall.

I really wanted to personalise my room at University a bit more, but as we're not allowed to damage the walls themselves with hooks and whatnot, I had to get creative. And being the geek that I am, I decided that a tribute to the 8-bit era ...


Do I dare buy The Lost and The Damned?

Having spent the past month finishing Fallout 3 to completion, I'm bored with nothing new to play. I've got an unopened pack of 2100 Microsoft Points just sitting on my desk (accidentally bought around a month ago due to an unfortunate mish...


Slique joined the game.

Hello, my robot brethren! I'm Joseph, though most of my friends just call me Joe. I'm an 18 year old unemployed gamer hailing from the glorious mass of floating land that is Great Britain -- which of course means that, yes, I only drink t...


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Blimey, hey.

I'm Joseph, an impoverished 20 year old student with little else to do but sit around all day playing video games and watching TV. Even so, I'm also an aspiring screenwriter (hence my impeccable grammar and delightful vocabulary) -- I say aspiring, though, because all I really do is sit around all day playing video games and watching TV.

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