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Well unlocked the Cabret Club minigame there in Yakuza 3 remastered and it sucks. Not too bothered about it though, I skipped it in Kiwami 2 just because I still have the whole Yakuza main series to play so will come back to it later maybe.


Finished FF7 Remake goodish amount of issues with it but overall mostly pretty good was a nice suprise. The Kingdom Hearts like extra story bits do feel very stupid. Nothing wrong with making changes just you don't need a cringy plot device thing to do it


Decided to try and use Epic Games to play Metro 2033 Redux there Epic Game Launcher still doesn't seem to let you play offline My save for Metro 2033 Redux seems to no longer exist Most controlers I tried to use didn't work apart from a 360 cont


Been watching this you tube channel lately,it's pretty good. Not a Power Rangers guy at all but I just find it mad that apparently it takes 90 minutes or so into the new Reboot Power Rangers movie before they morph into their armour.That's just what why


Got to Chapter 14 in FF7 Remake. The further you get in the game the clearer the padding becomes.Still enjoying the game but yeah it has clear padding. Will say some people seem to hate Cloud in this game but so far I have found him enjoyable andfun sofar


What are people's thought on Valyrire Chronciles 1 Remastered?Just curious have it in my ps4 backlog.I remember liking the battles a good bit and I did like that it switches up a bit level to level although Iremember thepacing driving memad and droppingit


Hmm heard of a game just there called Breathedge(stupid name imo)looks maybe good. Seems to be described as Subtanica in Space and seems to have overall pretty postive steam reviews and is coming out of early access really soon.


People's thoughts on Metro Exodus and it's DLC?Already have Gold Edition on ps4 just its like 66GB's to download just the main game so it is taking litreal days or well pass a week for me to try and download it.Just curious how others felt about the game


Considering I kinda hate the combat system in Kingdom Heart games and most Final Fantasty games(final Fantasty games in genreal don't like them) got to say FF7 Remake has been a nice suprise. Pretty fun but man people are right Aerith is useless in combat


Sell me on Three Houses.Not going to get it for a long while,have FF7 Remake to play now and next game I am eventualy thinking of getting is P5 Strikers.Just I feel I always dismiss Three Houses as not being that stratgetic/tatical and more level grinding


Wort gimmick level/levels you have played in a video game?


Wonder how Rune Factory 5 is doing I think it's supposed to come out this year but not sure when the last bit of news was on it.Only farming game I have saw so far where I am not just thinking eh I still have Stardew Valley in the backlog to play instead


Finished Yakuza Kiwami 2 there overall pretty enjoyable would give it a 8/10 or so. Dying at the last boss fight just because I messed up a insta kill qte at the end was pretty annoying. Still have some side stuff left but not much. Yakuza 3 next I guess.


If you check out Fantaical they have one bundle now were you can get two games for €9.99. Some of those games are The Missing, Death Mark,Coma 2. Seems decent enough considering it is techincaly €5 for The Missing on steam


No even just news or a reminder that Silksong is coming out this year in the direct hurts me to my soul. Not even mentioning Metroid when the guy spent like a 1 minute to say hey we have no news to share on BOTW 2 was very dissapointing too.


I guess I will do one of those that hear Nintendo Direct predicitions. Will be a somewhat boring Direct and will hear stuff about update news for Animal Crossing, Monster Hunter games,Smash Ultimate/DLC, Pokemon Snap. Also Silksong news or we riot


Have a few games I am bouncing between lately but trying to decide on which game to just focus on for now and maybe finish. Games are Death Stranding, Catherine,Yakuza Kiwami 2,Dangropana V3 and FF7 Remake


Hey this game still seems to be alive.Remember hearing about it a while ago from a dtoid article about it. Game looks good so far. Hard to follow the game's progress in development since they decided to make the updates for kickstarter backers only.


Finished Dangropana Ultra Despair Girls there and thought it was solid enough. A 7/10 or so was expecting a lot worse from all the hate I heard about it. Some nice character development in bits in the game too.


Saw a review for Silent Hill 4 yesterday which mentioned the game having some ridiclous camera angles and they were right with the examples.Was wondering what's a game that you thought had some ridiclous camera angles?Could be plain bad ones or weird ones


Of course this game seems to come from Russian developers. Not mad on what they showed but seems like a maybe cool idea for a game if it is done well/intresting.


Decided to give 999 a try there on steam earlier today. Got it cheap in a steam sale. Man I am glad I got it on PC. The cursor speed with a DS4 is slow as fuck very annoying. The English voice acting so far is pretty bad Japense voice actig sounds good th


Was thinking of buying something from Amazon UK to Ireland and now all I can say is man fuck those new brexit related import fee's it's behond fucking greedy and I will probably stop using Amazon now.Now cost an extra 20% for anything even with free shipp


What sequel game was "more of the same mostly" that you really enjoyed? Or at least more of the same mostly in terms of game mechanics and gameplay.For me probably Dishonored 2 and the Layton games. Wasn't mad on Dishonored 1 but loved Dishonored 2.


#hotaketoidIguesskinda Playing Dangropana Ultra Despair Girls now while I agree it's not really good or great it still seems to be solid enough a good 6-7/10 game was expecting a lot worse from it so far from what some people say about it


Finished Dangropana 2 well that was weird. Does feel like it has a pretty good second half and a so so first half so not sure if I would really say I prefer it to the first at all. Just I guess the first half isn't awful but it isn't pretty great either


Playing through Dangropana 2 always been curious that does anybody here actualy play the bonus non canon story mode you unlock at the end of the games where you get infite time with all the ultimate people?


Finished up the second class trial there in Dangropana 2.I did enjoy the first a good bit.People seem to ssy the first class trial its way too obvious who the killer is but it felt way more obvious in the second class trial.Pretty dissapointed in thetrial


Played a bit of Bug Fables now nice enough so far.Never played a Paper Mario before.Do feel so far the game's visuals are very boring and lifeless imo.I thought playing it might make me go oh the people saying paper mario games must be turn based but nope


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