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Considering its near the end of the year whats a game you liked playing from 2020 that didn't get talked about much or was quickly forgotten? For me Phonetopia Awakening and Pardaise Killer off the top of my head also Going Under is a suprisingly solid


Fuck you Bateman your going to make me pre order Cybperunk 2077 on ps4 when I was just planning on waiting for the complete edition on ps5 when I get a ps5 in 3 years maybe or so. It's your damn fault and you know it just because I offer you some advice.


Describe yourself or another dtoid memember in 3 words or less


What video game character do you think best honestly reflects what your like or who you are? No saying Siege or people from Siege,Siege does not count of course.


The end times are approaching once Trump wins the election again the Armgedon shall start. We should probably try to group up the people here by their chances of survability. Of course the likes of Wes and Blondebass have high survability from their looks


Whats the worst treat you remember getting from going trick and treating? Apples and the like don't count because you can dip them in your own chocolate to make them nice.


Oh wow never knew the movie Catwoman actualy treats it like the main person gets cat powers. I don't mean jump high I mean wanting cat nip and stuff. Its like if you made a spiderman movie and Peter Parker only wanted to eat flies


Which dtoid memeber do you think has the best and worst hair?


#Caturday got a stray cat coming to our house a few weeks ago. Very friendly doesn't seem to care if humans are near him.I don't know how to have the photo rotated or zoomed in for posts.


Well heard from another course at my college that another course Architecture 5 people in their class tested postive for Covid from going out drinking. Fucking iditos hope their not allowed up to the college for the whole semester.


I'm really sad actualy to hear that article here about Level 5. Pour one out for Layton:(


Seeing the Pokemon Sword/Shield complete edition boxart got me thinking what's the worst or laziest boxart you have ever seen for game? It can be so bad it's funny or just plain bad/boring.


What's a game you played and loved that you felt gave you a ridiclous amount of content for what you paid for the game?(ridiclous amount of content in a good way)


#PSA Killer Queen Black is $2 on the eshop now for a while


What's a game you love and you know another Dtoid member also loves that game but deep down you know you actualy love the game more then that other person? And who is the other person?


For those intrested in Hades or enjoying it just heard of a game called Going Under. Few similarties looks great actualy, has the whole die,progress and learn more about characters with writting. Weird premise/settijg of being a intern and clearing dungeo


Which Destructoid staff or member has the best looking hair or face in your opinon? And why did you pick that person


In your unbiased profesional opinon which Dtoid member has the best taste in gamea,movies,muisc and books?


What's going to happen when you have 8 Steve's placing blocks at the same time on a switch?


Describe any Destructoid memeber in three words or less. For example Bateman: The Backlog Machine Soulbow:Shill shill machine Wes:Sexy Sexy Sexy Limo:Bad opinon machine


Played a bit of Sunshine today suprisngly fun I will say though for all the talk of people saying the best levels in the game are when you don't have FLUD, I don't know done a few of those levels and I think there crap, or at least pretty unintresting


Not really a ainme opening but always find it pretty cool that Bojack Horseman changed around parts of its opening each season to reflect some stuff that happened in the previous season.


Saw there Phonetopia Awakening got a big update mainly focused on making the game more accessible, looked at the patch notes and looks like they made some good changes to the game as separate options you can turn on/off whenever you want.Would recommend


Just finished Dangropana Trigger Happy Havoc yesterday a pretty good time,ending was good but maybe a good bit too long winded or drawn out, I have the rest of the Dangropana series bought,just wondering would people recommend taking a break from 1 to 2?


My Backloggd its four pages long rest in the comments, nice design of the website I must say surprisingly found myself agree a lot with the average rating score for most games even more popular games


Most charming game you have played so far?For me probably a Hat In Time,West of Loathing or Wandersong


Been playing a good few hours of Crosscode on switch fun enough game would agree with a 7-7.5 though a lot of disappointing aspects to it.Its writing is awful for the quest givers,boring beginning to the game as well.Fun dungeons puzzles and combat thoug


Longshot but if anybody has a American credit card could they get Risk of Rain 2 on Switch for me. On the Argentia shop its only about €8-€11 all the time. I already have it just my little bro wants it. I can just paypal the money of the game


Thinking of Risk of Rain 2 whats a game/game series that is 2D that you would like to see a 3D game bw made of and vice versa if its a 3D game?


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