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Mass Effect: How did I miss this?

Okay okay I admit it. Through the annals of video game history there have been few blockbuster games that I have overlooked. The games that change the look of a genre or that change the gaming landscape. Or simply games that are so well dev...


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Not really sure where to start actually. I'm a 26 year old wannabe internet journalist I guess you could say. I've been playing video games pretty much my entire life, from the launch of the NES till the present time. I look at this blog as a way to be a part of a community and if my opinions sway even one person away from a terrible game than I consider job done. My blog entries may not always be fair and balanced but that's what makes it mine. I don't have to feel the need to not rip someone up one side and down the other because their game is trash. That being said.. enjoy the ride!

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