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Finished the fight, now what?

As Halo 3 approaches, possibly being the most anticipated, hyped, marketed videogame in history, one question may have been lingering behind the minds of microsoft & and halo purist alike. After you've played halo 3 to death, beaten it...


Temptation is a bitch

And you end up purchasing an x360. But no, I had to buy an elite x360. 120 gigs of transferable porn at my disposal. I finally decided to play Gears of War (its true gents, a great game) and picked up Madden 08 and Dead Rising. I know...


About Sladeone of us since 8:16 PM on 09.02.2007

Nick: Slade
Name: L
Age: 23
Location: Wilmington, NC

I'm Slade and I'm an alcoholic....and a gamer.

I first game'd when I had an SNES (also known as the perfect excuse to NOT play baseball).

I soon ended up with a Genesis which became the perfect excuse to PLAY football. (Ok there were a few decent games, like sonic's and phantasy star 4 (those that say 3 is good should totally find a cliff.)

Anyways, as late, I've been a bit of a PC gamer since my studies are in Computer Information Technology. Now I'm trying to get back to my first true love (no that bitch left me for some quaker or something). Console gaming. I got a Wii this past xmas and i'm poised to get an Xbox360 (just in time for the House season premire).

Games Currently Playing

Bioshock PC
Madden 08 Wii/360
Metroid Prime 3 Corruption Wii (own)
Gears of War
Dead Rising
Ace Combat 6 (own)
COD4 (X360) (own)
Mass Effect (own)
Assassins Creed (own)
Super Mario Galaxy (own)
Halo 3 (own)
No More Heroes (own)

Your Mom

Games that can die

"Insert any lame ass shovelware port for the Wii"
And Pokemon

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