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10 things you wish you didn't know about Skyscraper

So since I haven’t actually written an introductory post, I thought I could jump on this here bandwagon with reckless abandon since after all, ANYTHING I tell you will be considered “Things you didn’t know”. For I am an unknown quantity, el...


Dissapointment: Kingdom Hearts 2

In order to understand why I consider Kingdom Hearts 2 one of my greatest disappointments, some historical context is necessary. I buy the very first Kingdom Hearts game six months after its initial release, having at first passed it over a...


About Skyscraperone of us since 5:43 PM on 04.01.2012

Skyscraper is the writer identity of one Karl Göran Isacson, gamer to the bone and amateur reviewer of games on his spare time. He's studying (soon to be studied) game design at Stockholms University in the vain hopes of landing a career in game design, and is generally a hopeless nerd connected to the Internet far too often to get much gaming done. Blessed with an older brother with computer-savvy friends, he has been illegally playing a number of games on a variety of platforms far broader than what his paltry allowance could buy him at the time, and is now a repetentant game-buyer who spends far too much of his cash on the games he once pirated.

He thus has the super-power of having no particular biases to or against against any one console-maker, and just plays all of the games that he's interested. Expect this blog to be a varied one, because "variety" is a much prettier word than "no clear line of thought or planning". It's also shorter.

Been writing reviews since he was 16 years old (they sucked), and always trying his darn best to improve. He's here to play games, write opinions... and never answer why he calls himself Skyscraper as the answer would simply rob him of all mystique and intrigue.