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Next Gen: What We Want, and What We Might Get...

With the Next Generation of consoles right around the corner, we can all say that we are more than ready for the details on what each company has to offer. Nintendo is putting out a new console as soon as this holiday season and there is still quite a bit to speculate about. Does the system bring something new and innovative to the table without lacking in other places? We all want to know the answer to these questions, and I will give my opinions on what I feel each company has to offer for the core and casual gamer.

We will start with my opinions on Nintendo. I have followed the Wii U since day one in hopes of seeing the company do away with the gimmicky feel of the motion control that got so old so quickly. I was excited to see the tablet controller when it was presented at E3 2011. I was excited to see what the developers would do with this. Could we finally see a Nintendo system that can keep up? A lot of people are complaining about the graphics only being as powerful as the 360 and the PS3, but if you look at what the graphics looked like on those systems when they were first released, they do not look as good as they do now, and I would be the first to admit that I am astonished with the leaps they have made with the specs in these consoles. The Wii U has a lot of potential, and I believe people will really begin to see that when the system is finally released. As for the games though, the launch window is not too hot in my opinion with a bunch of ports from games that we have all played before. Nintendo shows off an HD system with a new 2D Mario game, and has me wondering what Nintendo was thinking. I will say though that as soon as they turn that Zelda tech demo into a real game you know I am snatching one of these up.

As for Sony you have to wonder where they are going with the next generation being that they have been the most quiet in all this as always. You have to think that they are going to try to do something new and innovative as usual. I see Sony going for power overall with this generation and putting their system out well after Nintendo and Microsoft. They will probably try some sort of cloud gaming service as an alternative option to see how people take it (not as a primary option just an addition). I also see them teaming up with some PC companies to produce parts for their new console. Hopefully they scratch the XMB and go with an all new user interface that is much more appealing to users (just my opinion). It would also be nice to see HBO go support, among other additions outside of gaming. These companies need to go after markets outside of just gamers, they need to sale these as entertainment hubs not just video game consoles.

Microsoft is the most interesting of all these arguments in my eyes because of all the different things that we have been hearing about them. I like the ideas that have been speculated and with the addition of Unreal Engine 4 we can only imagine how good these games are going to look and feel. As I said earlier motion control has always been boring and quite dissatisfying to me, but I have always said if the Kinect was more responsive and had better support for a more core gaming audience then I think I would enjoy it. Rumors have mentioned that the Kinect will offer a much better experience on the next generation, and I am excited to see what it has to offer. I believe we can expect the next Xbox (Durango, Xbox 720, Xbox 8) following the Nintendo system somewhere in late 2013. I see it as being Xbox 8 more than likely being that Microsoft has been doing so much to sell people on Windows 8, I can see the new Xbox taking a lot from that new operating system and I believe they have been designing the integration of this OS and Xbox live sine they first started development (Just another one of my theories).

With all this said, I believe we are in for quite a treat with the next gen right around the corner, and I think that we will all find a little something we enjoy in all these systems. I will be purchasing all three, and I am excited to see what games will be offered at launch for these. With technology advancing as much as it has since '06, '07 I feel that we have a lot to look forward to, and I expect lots of innovation. When it is all said and done these 3 companies have been at it so long that I feel we will be getting all of their very best efforts, but that is still to be seen.
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