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Working with someone


Last week I was working with my co-worker it was a busy day and out of the blue just came out that he loved me , sure I said and started talking to my customer, Kim who heard what he said told me she thought we were dating due to the way he was acting when I was around. I said to Kim no we work together Kim asked how long did I knew Darren for oh maybe three months sure he would text and hang out playing Xbox sometimes did coffee, Kim kinda said Darren was good looking guy long hair earrings mustache that you would think your in the 1700s bright blue eyes with a kick ta boot street kid look or something that Kim said hippie look I laughed so hard, the next day I was working with someone else because I told my boss to change my work schedule so I didn't want to deal with Darren. don't get me wrong he was a good person and a great personality. Kim and I saw Darren at the mall one day we said hi to him he told a few people that we work with that we where following him . From what I've seen about Darren says he knows us but in reality he don't because if he did knew us Darren wouldn't have said what he did. If I could talk to him I would tell him how it is ! can anyone relate to this. !? 




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