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I can't quit you baby: How to quit World of Warcraft

I Wrote this for my college news paper The Daily Titan at Cal State Fullerton but I figured I may as well post it as it is video game related Many of you know about the massive multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) World of Warcr...


Megaman 9 Remix Project is GO!!!!

For those 2 of you out there who don't know what Overclocked Remix is... I'm sorry you've been missing out here is a life altering link Now for those of us who do. The popular (almost god-like) remix community that...


Doctor Who and Survival Horror

Every time I watch a good scary movie, play a great survival horror game, walk down a dark street, or turn off the lights in my house to go bed, I will occasionally get a feeling. It is a feeling of genuine fear and excitement: eyes teari...


AX 08 Coverage: Best AX ever!! Dr.Who included.

I’ve been going to AX for three years now and this AX has by far been the best one. Although the location was less than convenient (no one got mugged or raped that i know of), the LA convention center is amazing. It is a perfect home fo...


"Do want Otogi? Yes? NO!" says my xbox

In my frequenting bored state I often find my self perusing all 6 aisles of my local gamestop in search of my next feed. So what do I find to much excitement. Otogi AND Otogi 2! Not an incredibly hard find I know but just the mere sight o...


I like J-RPGs? I love J-RPGs

For the longest time I've strayed away from path of hardcore rpg fandom, except the occasional shadow hearts game (oh how I love its very semi-european setting) and kingdom hearts (which I dont really consider that much of an RPG), oh an...


11th hour... ah the cruelty

Does anyone remember the days when a simple point and click, frame to frame adventure game could scare your shitless. How every suspensful click was another step towards sweet sweet insanity. Well god damnit I do and I felt like sharing m...


Pokemon! Can we eat them?

Let us examine shall we, the pokemon universe; more specifically the interaction between pokemon and the humans within that world. It can be observed that all wild life within the “poke-verse” consists of pokemon, varying species of self-...


N+ multiplayer will syphon time from life

I believe my friend put it best last night when we'd just finished our geek activities of the night, concluding with N+ "what the fuck!? its 4am already? we started playing this like 5 minutes ago at 1." N+ has one of the best and most...


About Sky-Faceone of us since 4:46 PM on 09.20.2007

My name is Skylar, I currently live in Fullerton CA. I started playing video games on the computer as a tiny lad such as day of the tentacle, Sam and Max, The Dark Forces Series and many other adventure games or first person shooters. and upon noticing my interest in interactive entertainment, my father bought me a Sega Genesis, and Ive been playing games ever since.

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SNES (coming soon!)

I have been obsessed with the survival horror genre (if my header didn't make that obvious) for quite some time now, probably inspired by my 11th hour and Phantasmagoria days, but I love pretty much any genre or sub-genre out there. I'll let future blogs explain myself for...myself.. see you on the Cblogs. Also, cocks