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Next-Gen Xbox Friends Are a Bunch of Creeps

I've been a fan of Microsoft ever since the came out with the Original "Xbox", and didn't start my online experience a year after the 360 was released. And i grown accustomed to the friends list to the 360. But according Microsoft "The next...


Violence: Is there to much?

Is it pointless to rant about violence in video games? Is there a point where there is to much Violence in a video game? Can it effect the youth or corrupt and consume your inner-being? People say that Video Games are the cause of violenc...


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I'm Zach, I've been a gamer my whole life. I grew playing "Super Mario World" on the "Super Nintendo", then I progressed, as i got older to "Game Boy", " PS2", "Gamecube", "Xbox", "DS", "Wii", and now currently "Xbox360". I have always loved a good game and matured into what I think today, would consider, a "good game". My type of games are the COD franchise, ElderScroll series, and many other violent, numb minding, games.