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Yeah, like Pokemon, only better.

Hello fellow dtoiders. I was just having a thought about pokemon and how I wish that some other developer would just steal the idea and make a decent adventure game out of it. Seriously, if someone just stole the formula and recreated it without all the pissy lessons about friendship and caring and all that other bullshit. It would be so good.

Don't get me wrong, I've poured more than a few hours in to my pokemon games, they are great fun. But I want something new, I don't want to wander around the same looking villages, caves, forests and oceans anymore. They bore me, and the pokemon are becoming so ridiculous that I don't even want to play the new ones.

The new game should also feature something along the lines of a free-form combat system, where you choose a beast to battle with and then you get to control it with movement and attack keys, as opposed to single button turn-based combat. It would be so much fun being able to play with different beasts that have their own different movement style, attacks, special moves, strengths and weaknesses.

Why a game like pokemon, only better, has not been created yet I do not know.
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