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Update: Draw a picture to win HL2 and HL2:Ep1 (PC)

Who can create the most awesome thing in relation to Half Life 2. It can be an illustration of any kind, a sculpture, a model, a papercraft, anything you want! As long as it depicts something to do with the HL universe you can enter; this includes Portal, for all you cake and WCC lovers.

Multiple entries accepted.

Send all entries to skribblestyleATgmail.com by the 17th of March to be eligible

Two reason for the repost. One being that the contest was lost in a sea of posts during a slow period, and two is that I've already received 2 drawings! The contests is far from over though, I'm judging this on how awesome the piece of art is; not just on how good it looks or what it's made from/on.
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