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Saints Row 2: Pedestrian War mode is the key to Awesome


You�ve completed the demolition derby, killed all of your hits, stolen every car, raced every race, sprayed fecal matter on every building in the city and have caused so much havoc you should be locked back in the jail cell from whence you came. You�ve done all of this, but are you looking for something a little more epic? An non-stop intense-o-rama experience?

Take note of the following numbers, and put them in to your phone if you wish to unlock the awesome:
(Numbers are the same for PS3 and 360 � Remember, inputting these cheats disables all achievements, so save your game!)

#19 - Pedestrian War
#6 - Infinite Sprint
#9 - Infinite Clip
#11 - Infinite Ammo
#801 - Kaneda (custom street racing motorbike)
#713 - Tornado (police helicopter)
#1068 - Raycaster (fast sports car)
#946 - RPG
#949 - Satchel Charge
#958 - XS-2 (fully automatic shotgun)
#952 - Sledgehammer

After adding and activating these, make your way to the nearest garage, grab your favorite vehicle and go exploring. Traveling down the street reveals the entire city is in a brawl thanks to the pedestrian war cheat; everybody has a weapon and everybody is trying to kill everybody else, including you. This results in some of the most epic chases and fights I have ever experienced in ANY game, and GTAIV had its fair share of epic explosions.

Satchel Charges are by far the coolest weapon in the game. Being able to define your explosions to the exact time and place you want them to happen makes setting up epic scenes even more fun. Line the train tracks with satchel charges and detonate it as the train comes past. BOOM! And watch the wreckage fall on to the civilians below. Hop in a car and line the highway with satchel charges as you drive down it, then blow them up and watch the chain reaction of cars exploding and spinning wildly off the bridge. Cover your car in charges, drive it at top speed towards a group of people, jump out and then trigger the explosion as the car hits them.

There are so many different things you can do in the game, but for me, nothing beats enabling these few simple cheats and playing the game with my housemates. We each pass the controller when the other dies, and seeing as the tension and danger escalate with the more havoc you create, and will ultimately kill you, it is a great way to gauge turns.

Have YOU been having as much fun with Saints Row 2 as I have?
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