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My SUPER FAMICOM Wii controller has arrived!

As some of you may know I purchased FAMICOM controller for the Wii off of ebay; only released in Japan to Nintendo Club members, I bought it as soon as I saw it and have been waiting diligently ever since. Today at the end of work when I was just about ready to go home, this package arrives and I garble something at the deliveryman while foaming at the mouth, eyes pointing in 2 different directions and then took of screaming in to the distance.

All I can say is that playing games on the VC has never been so good. Classic controllers are fine, and get the job done, but I'll be damned if I don't feel I tiny bit smug playing with this :D

Hopefully with Club Nintendo coming state side, everybody will be able to get their hands on these soon!

Anytime, Nintendo.
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