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Being left 4 dead

Tons of people love Left4Dead, myself included, and played with the right people, you can you have some of the greatest moments in multiplayer gaming you've ever had. But with the... wrong people... it's just a world of irritation and annoyance.

I've clocked about 25 hours on the game, with another 8 on the demo, and 90% of the time I've been paired with great people! People who understand teamwork, looking out for your friends and working together to fight your way to the next safehouse. But there have been times when I have been grouped with people who are completely missing what the game is about, as far as I'm concerned anyway.

I just got out of a session where I was playing the infected and 1 survivor was down, and I had just grabbed another one with my giant smokey tongue. Louis comes up and smacks my tongue away and i retreat to the center of the rooftop. Then I notice the 3 of them running for the safehouse.

"Where is Bill?" I thought to myself.

I look around and see him highlighted in red, being attacked by a hunter. This was happening literally just around the corner of the 3 other survivors, and they just ran, all of them with green health, just so they could "win" the game. After the match, the team boasted about how they won the game with full health and how shit we, the infected, were.

Call me crazy, but even though Left4Dead has an arbitrary score system, I don't even look at it. I pretty much just want to have fun fighting against a zombie apocalypse with a few like minded survivors, and I really don't see how "winning" the game by speed running or leaving your team mates behind is any fun at all. Am I missing something here, or is the point of the game working together to reach safety?

Another account was 2 nights ago, running across the bridge train tracks to the train door, with a tank and horde following close behind. We are all shooting at them, and we pick off most of the horde, and then I am shot by one of my team mates, I assume by accident, and I fall the the floor shooting at the tank, not worrying about the infected. Then I see another of my team mates threw a molotov, which explodes 3 feet away from my face. So I am on fire, shooting at a massive Tank that is beating down upon me, while the zombies go up in flames.

Despite all odds, I somehow KILL the fucking Tank with my pistols, and the fire burns out, and I am left with just over 40 Health, laying on the floor. My "team", I notice, is just sitting in the train and had been for the entire fucking time after they threw the molotov, and they CONTINUE to sit in there, even though there are no zombies and the Tank is dead.

They let me bleed out, so that they can "win" the match.

I know there will always been douchebags that take the game too seriously and think that winning is everything, but when the game you buy is called "Left4Dead" and it's a multiplayer based game that is designed around helping your team, wouldn't you get the fucking hint that working together is what makes the game fun?

I guess this is mostly a rant because I'm annoyed at the douch-baggery of some people, and I may be a little too serious about the teamwork aspect... but as far as I'm concerned, when I play, nobody and I mean NOBODY will ever be left for dead.

FYI: If you have Left4Dead on Steam, be sure to add me if you want another survivor on your team: Skribble
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