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Army of Two - 10 minute Review


So I picked up Army of Two yesterday and played through the first 3 missions. First impressions were not good, but were followed up by some pleasant game playing.

You start off with a tutorial to explain how aggro works and how to change weapons and so forth; which is pretty standard stuff. However, the text was so god damn tiny that I actually had to get out of my seat, walk up to the TV and squint to try and see what the fuck it was saying. Now I don't exactly have a tiny little screen, and thinking about the poor people who had to play this game on a smaller sized TV or worse, a CRT, just makes me squirm. I had to do this multiple times, and ended up just standing in front of my TV while the tutorial played out. Not cool.

The combat is fun for the most part, albeit a little iffy. For instance, you cannot hug walls or change which shoulder your camera looks over. It is all done automatically depending on whether you are taking cover and what you are taking cover behind. It's really irritating trying to shoot at a guy, only to be hitting the wall in front of you because your camera hasn't switched to your left hand side yet; it doesn't ruin the gameplay, but it makes it a little irritating at times.

The "teammate actions" where you utilize the fact that there are two of you by using eachother as step ladders to reach high places, going back to back and parachuting are all very hit and miss. The human step ladder is ok, using the analogue stick to push/pull your team mate, depending on whether you are the booster or the boostee. This is all well and good except if one of you is on the top and one of you is on the bottom and the one at the top just happens to get taken down, and just sits there yelling at you. You are stuck at the bottom, left to wait until your friend dies so you can restart from your last check point; being able to crawl on the floor while injured would fix this.

Enemy AI is, for the most part, acceptable. There are many occasions where an enemy will just run at you, head on, no more than 3-4 feet away, to take cover at a spot behind you. While setting flanks in front and behind your foe is a good idea, running straight in to their line of fire is not. But, they take cover well, blind fire, jump objects to dodge your line of fire and other attributes that make them fun to go up against.

Partner AI, again, is acceptable. He responds immediately to your commands, will attract aggro quickly and will run directly to your rescue if and when you go down in a fight. However, if you go down, prolonged and unnecessary dragging will more than certainly kill you. It's like he needs a 12 foot wall of steel reinforced concrete between you and the enemies before he decides to heal you. But to be fair, he does more than his fair share of damage and will make his presence worth it in a battle.

As with most games, this is not perfect. There are glitches, some stupid AI, a cheesy plot and some spots that will make you turn the game off. But overall it is a fun 3rd person shooter, with customizable weapons, interesting levels and some unique aspects. It's not worth the current price tag, but I'd definetly pick it up when the next slew of new games comes out and this drops in price.
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