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MW3 on PC: Nightmare or Not?

A lot of PC gamers on the interwebz like to bash the Call of Duty series due to it catering primarily to console gamers despite its humble beginnings on PC. Specifically, many people talk shit about Modern Warfare 3 calling it MW2.5. Wh...


I'm done with what??

That's me in some of the typical, gimmicky garb available in World of Warcraft to those who are willing to waste time getting it. Also, that's my 16,000g traveler's mount I'm sitting upon. Sadly, this is one of the few pictures I have l...


Revisiting Chrono Trigger

This is not a review. My Super Nintendo days were some of the greatest gaming experiences I have had. What games lacked in graphics, they made up for in storytelling and girth. Chrono Trigger is a prime example. I may be "behind the tim...


About Skoolzone of us since 12:10 AM on 02.11.2010

I have been gaming since I was about 4 back in 1986. I followed Nintendo's every console generation up until the Wii. I became a Playstation enthusiast about the same time I became obsessed with the computer. Now I'm solely a PS3, PC, DS, and vintage gamer. As I get older, I notice that I have less and less time to enjoy video games. The effort is still put forth to play as much as I can, but it feels overwhelming at times with work, school, and writing. To ease this concern, I felt it might help to keep a blog strictly for my gaming habits. I plan to document the games I play, don't play, want to play, have played, and any news I feel pertinent to throw in. All in all, I am hoping this will help me feel more connected to the gaming community and industry as I once felt when I was a bit more...*ahem*...youthful. My name, Skoolz, is my common gamer tag.

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