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A Tissue For Your Tears

In all of my years of gaming, I've only ever cried once when playing a video game.  The irony is that I knew what the ending would be from the very start.  That made it even worse.  Unlike other forms of art, video games have rarely been ab...


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My name is Ryan and I'm an Indianapolis writer. I've had one essay (creative non-fiction) published, although I'm certainly trying for more.

I've been gaming ever since I was given a Sega Genesis for my birthday (and my first game was Ecco the Dolphin!) I mostly play RPG's, however I'll most certainly play just about anything with Sci-Fi elements in it. Don't even get me started on aliens.

I spend most of my days reading books, working and going to school however I always make sure I have time to play my favorite MMO's with my guild Girls Dead Monster! I'm also in charge of regularly updating our blog on Tumblr and helping manage the guild with our daily affairs.

I hope you enjoy my new blog on Destructoid!

Hakuna Matata!