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Tales From Skyrim: a never ending journey

A never ending journey, and that truly is The Elderscrolls V Skyrim for me.

After spending around 60 hours on finishing atleast the Mainquest, reading all the books that come to my hand, talking to any npc crossing my way and listening to his/her story I'm still not getting bored at all.

I decided to travel around even more now, refusing to quicktravel andbarely accepting quests to enjoy the virtual world surrounding me even more.
That's what I want to share with you now, "small" but still great moments that make the world of Skyrim feel so "real".

Starting from Whiterun and heading West to reach Markarth in some hours, sneaking next to the roads and waiting for things to happen... and I don't have to wait long for it.
A pack of wolves trying their best to hunt down a Giant walking along the road with its Mammoth's.

Later on sneaking through an enemied Camp, trying to not get spotted.. everythings' going well until a Dragon appears and decides to have me for dinner,
I'm surrounded by enemies but the "Bandits" decided to team up with me, defeating the Dragon.

nothing special happens the coming half hour but thats no problem, the scenery still is amazing, walking through wide and open fields hunting down deer and then head deep into the mountains crossing huge cliffs.

until I finally reach Markarth.

Lateron I made my way through the western part of Skyrim, slowly heading north and while sneaking off the paths I find two giants fighting eachother.

Heading north, getting attacked and hunted by creatures and bandits until I finally reach Winterbold.

I know I didn't actually tell a real story, but in my opinion the huge and detailed world and all those small unique moments make this game what it is, the best RPG i ever played.
Let the Screenshots tell their story ;)!

If you are Interested in a huge bundle of Screenshots take a look at these, all done by myself like the one I used in this blog.




ps: please don't take my grammar/spelling mistakes to serious, I know that my english truly is a pain ;)
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