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Finally got a smart phone. Trying some games.

Ok, so it has been years since these phones have been out and all i have been hearing for the past while is cell phone games are the future and consoles / pcs are doomed. I thought I would check it out for myself, see what all the hype is a...


DLC Characters in Fighting Games

DLC is in basically every game right now, but fighting games are one of the ones where the customer feels the most screwed over. Many fighting games have DLC characters that can be downloaded and played in the game. Currently there are 2 d...


Gamestop, Used games, and PR

Used games have been around for decades, they have always been called used games, until recently. About a year or half a year ago I noticed in EB Games (Gamestop) the used games bins had changed. No longer were they in yellow or red bins. ...


Gaming Backlogs, a thing of the past, for me

So many games come out that everyone usually builds up a sort of backlog of games they mean to play but have not yet had the time to do it. These games usually end up on a mental list that is meant to eventually be played and usually gets p...


The most sexist gaming series of all time?

I have played many many many wrestling games over the years. Starting from the old arcade wrestle machine all the way to WWE 12. I've played almost all of them.. but there is something seriously wrong with this series. something very sexist...


The Ultimate MMOFPS concept

I have been thinking about MMO's and FPS's lately and thought of a really cool idea for a game. It would be a MMOFPS for consoles. The game could be called Console Wars or something, I dunno. Anyways, what it would be would be a FPS for b...


Are online passes actually a form of theft?

After thinking about Online passes I remembered something. When Xbox Live service debuted there were all sorts of people asking why do we have to pay for this service, PSN is supposed to be free, why not Xbox Live. If I remember correctly,...


The Unwritten Rules of DLC

In case any higher ups in the gaming world actually read this, I put together a small list of things that I think are A MUST when it comes to DLC. 1. DLC must not affect the 100% rating of completing a game, like being able to only get 900...


Final Fantasy... What the hell is going on.

Well I am really confused here. I have play Final Fantasy 1-10, and they were all amazing, well, 10 was ok at best. Then FF11 comes out. I skip because I don't play MMO's. I missed out of FF12 because my PS2 was busted at the time. So FF13 ...


Looking forward to the PS Vita, sorta.

Well, it is coming. The PS Vita is on it's way. Sales of the 3G unit are suffering in Japan, however the WiFi units are doing quite well. I will definately go with the WiFi myself when it comes out here in North America. Currently, I do n...


Renting Games Just Ain't What It Used To Be

Many of us rely on game rentals due to the fact that games are expensive, and in a time like this when there are so many great games coming out you really need to be able to rent some of these. Unfortunately, it is getting harder and harder...


Xbox 360 Multi-Disc Formats can be a good thing

With a lot of games coming out with multi-disc formats for the Xbox 360, I can see why some people may be upset with having to constantly change discs. Some games do this better than others, while some games are just horrid. Games like Star...


For me, Movies have become obsolete...

Lately I have been thinking about Movies vs Games. I used to go to the movie theater all the time as a kid and teen. I am now 30 years old, and have only been to the movie theater once in the past 2 years. I haven't really been wanting to s...


About Skid Row Trashone of us since 11:36 AM on 08.24.2011

Hi, my name is Skid Row Trash. I have been gaming and creating add-ons and mods for games since I was 11. I'm 30 now, and I still love gaming. My first gaming system was a NES, followed by a Sega Genesis. After that, I got the Sega CD. I think I am one of the few that actually enjoyed the hell out of that system. I had to replace my Sega Genesis once because of problems, and had to replace my Sega CD 3 times, and repair it once. My first computer ever was a 386 with a huge 40mb hard drive, dos, and eventually windows. Started out playing games like wolfenstein 3D, Doom, Commander Keen, Blake Stone, and the list really is endless.. Civ 1..

After this I got a SNES. What a fun system. This was soon after followed by a Nintendo 64, and eventually a PS1 and Gamecube. I had to exchange my PS1 once because it broke. After that I had a PS2, and an Xbox. I loved both those systems so much. I had to replace my PS2 3 times, and my Xbox 3 times due to hardware problems.

These days, I am gaming on Xbox 360, and PC. I don't bother with PS anymore because I have large hands and their analog sticks are way too close. I find both thumbs fighting each when trying to play anything on a playstation these days and much prefer the improved analog stick setup that Xbox 360 has.

I am currently on my 6th Xbox 360, and have Kinect as well.

My first one died from disc tray problems.
My second one I had Nyko Intercooler which actually melted into my xbox 360 and the 2 seperate things became 1 single entity.
My 3rd Xbox was a red ring of death
my 4th Xbox eventually wouldn't even turn on.
my 5th xbox still sorta works, but the disk tray takes like 40 tries to open and takes more and more time each attempt. Also when the door is closed it things the door is open, and thus I can't launch any games.
my 6th Xbox 360 was to replace my last one, but at the same time I wanted to have the most recent so I got a kinect package. Also, this is the first time I have had the ability to use HDMI with my Xbox 360, because all 5 xboxes I had before they kept sending me old units with only Component video.

anyways, I am a real big time gamer and like to try all games (except for sports because well.. sports are weak).
Xbox LIVE:Skid Row Trash


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