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Remember to remove any discs before moving your console


We all had that problem!

We all had to move about a console to fix its spot or to make room for a new one! But first, check the disc before you do so!


That is what I did not do! This can happen if you are fiddling around with your console and there is a game disc inside it!

You can scratch up the game disc or even dent it to the point of no return! I had F1 2019 in the PS4 when I moved it to ensure I can fit my Xbox One S! This console I had issues trying to keep connecting to power but I eventually solved the issue! But I created a whole other problem!

my disc was dented up!! This caused the disc to not be recognised and it became an unrecognised disc!


DO NOT DO THAT IF YOU VALUE YOUR GAMES! (That's a pro of digital only consoles, you don't have a chance of corrupting discs in case you are clumsy)

- Skeleratis is not the best at gaming but he can try

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