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My Expertise: Metagames

I'm not real good at any game or genre. At best, I'm maybe a little above average at a couple of games that I've spent alot of time on (plastic guitars, Modern Warfare, Battlefield 2). Really, this is because I'm more or less what might be ...


Love/Hate: Mass Effect

Now, I love Mass Effect. It's a great game (and I think the full appreciation for it will only come through once Mass Effect 2 comes out next year and we get to see just HOW we've shaped the universe through our actions), and one that I enj...


5 suggestions to make moral choices matter more

If any images are buggered up in this, I apologize. First blog and whatnot. A word of warning, I don't have too many pretty pictures in this post. For a number of years now, games have come out that have asked the player to make moral choi...


About Skagzillaone of us since 9:34 PM on 10.26.2009

Why look, a spot for me to talk about myself! But I don't like doing that. So here are the answers to the default questions!
-I can't really recall how exactly I got into gaming. I think it really took off for me when I got my N64 (which I still have) for Christmas all those years ago.
-My favorites would have to be Mercenaries, Timesplitters 2/Future Perfect and Battlefield 2
-I'm playing a couple of things right now. Stuntman: Ignition, Earth Defense Force 2017, Scrub Fighter IV (I'm the scrub) and Modern Warfare 2