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About Skabone of us since 3:44 PM on 12.04.2008

Favorite Games: Quake 1/3 QW Team Fortress/2 Stalker 1/2 when not failing/completing/crashing for no reason, Fallout 1/2/3 when it's not crashing, Far Cry/2, Flatout, DiRT, Deus Ex, Anachonox, System Shock 2, Warcraft 3, Diablo 1/2, and Sanitarium.

Hated Games: Quake 2/4, Team Fortress Classic, Deus Ex 2, Lengendary, Gears, Halo, Anything really that was consolified.

Playing now: Far Cry 2, Peggle, Fallout 1, Quake.

Also I Pirate horrible games as a means to undermine and bitch about why I wont pay for them(EA). But pay and praise the good guys (id, Ubisoft, Valve)