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Look at this beautiful thing! 11 years in a closet and it still works. Only thing I found on it was the MGS4 demo and trophy data for Arkham Asylum. Look at it and realize that no other console will ever look this good and cook your steak.


Man, it feels good to be away from the city for christmas. Feel more relaxed than in a long time


Been at my dad's farm for 3 hours for my christmas break, already drunk. Clean up the staples dad, jesus ΓΈ. Hope everyones doing good. Early merry christmas


Dug some of my old original Commodore 64 games out of my closet to look at. T2 was the one I remember playing the most.


There's a special place in hell for phone scammers! I had to block four different numbers today! The fuck.


An American lady came to see the apartment i'm renovating. I love danish with an american accent! "Jeg har en rectangle table" "kommer der en window there?" Nice lady.


Family barbecue. My uncle is in charge of the meat


Anyone up for a game of bingo with grandpa NinjaFace?


So I grabbed a free copy of Too Human from the Xbox store! Is it worth a playthrough?


Found a free judgment dynamic theme in the PS store! Looks pretty good


Holy shit Madonna is wearing an eyepatch! :0


Guess i'm 40 today! Don't feel 40..well maybe my knees and back a bit.


Look what I got at work! And it's friday! FREE FAPS FOR EVERYONE, NO STRINGS!!


Just saw this, and now I love Paul Rudd even more.


Have a look at the shitty apartment I'm working on while I avoid anything End Game. I mean.. shower and a sink in the bedroom...


Found some old drawings I did when I was a teenager. As you can see I'm quite the artist.


Notre Dame in Assassin's Creed Unity is still one of the most amazing recreation in any video game. The attention to detail is incredible.


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Hello *waves* my name is Jesper and i live in Denmark (one of the countries that's trying to claim the North Pole! go team)

I've been playing videogames since the 80's (yeah i'm that old) starting with a Commodore 64, what a beautiful mess that was ...Load ,8,Run? ahh shit i can't even remember.

Anyways i actually played C64 all the way up until the mid 90's (true fact) when i finally decided to get a PSOne! Oh man i loved the PSOne, from then on i've owned all the home consoles.

My favourite kind of games are story driven single player experiences, i don't mind cutscenes in games! i like chatty Cathy's.

My favourite game of all time is Metal Gear Solid for the PSOne.